The Hope That Never Came

A teenage boy suffers at the hands of his evil uncle, who is also a drugs dealer. With the power of drugs at his uncle's hands, can he ever get away? Finally, when he bumps into a beautiful girl, there is hope, but, will it be the hope that never came?


2. Chapter 1

(A few months back)


I strolled down the street whistling my favorite tune. The evening sun was still visible, but slowly cowering behind the horizon as time ticked by. A flock of birds soared gracefully in the sky in a beautiful ‘V’ formation, definitely on their way back home after a hard day’s work.

          My shirt was ragged, my pants torn but I didn’t mind. People would stare at me in disgust or whisper a word or two to their companions about me but like I said, I didn’t care. This is me, my body, my life, who cared what other people think? Well, there is one thing I care about and only one thing; money. Money, money, money was all I only cared about, all I only lived for. People would wonder where someone like me, living such a life, with such clothes get money from. Well, I have my own ways. Oh yes, I have my own ways indeed, those teeny-weeny tricks up my sleeves that people, even those like you will not expect.

I walked down the street briskly, looking for something I have been searching for since morning. A boy around the age of 9 was walking his dog...a Labrador Retriever if I wasn't mistaken. The dog noticed me starring at them and gave me a low warning growl, hinting me to keep my distance from them. I walked past them, not because I was afraid of the dog...seriously....I wasn' was just that time was running out. As I turned a corner, there it was; my target! My pile of gold, my treasure box, my piggy bank, my source of paradise, my only hope of staying alive! Luck was really on my side today. It was a woman, in her late fifties, clad in an orange Billabong t-shirt and jeans carrying a bulky brown Burberry handbag. Yes, this was my chance! Excitement, thrill and a pinch of fear engulfed me as I approached her, nearer, nearer and nearer. My tiptoes turned to jogs and before I knew it I was sprinting towards her, slowly timing my snatch. As I pulled the handbag out of the woman’s clutches, I fled, I ran as fast as my legs could carry me. I didn’t care about the shouts or screams calling me to halt, I didn’t care about the shoes zooming across the air towards me, and I didn’t care about anything besides running away. In a blink of an eye, I was in a deserted alley, alone, petrified, secure, and satisfied, with a tinge of guilt and of course with a brown Burberry handbag. Beads of sweat slithered its way down the sides of my face. I was panting heavily and willed all my power to bring it back to normal. I brushed my curly hair aside as it was blocking my view and I sat down on the greasy and damp tarred road. Now, allow me to introduce myself.

          Hi, my name is Justin Brown, I’m 19 and what you just went through is my life. Well, you could call it my ‘daily routine.’ If you’re looking for those Princess stories that starts with ‘Once upon a time’ and ends with ‘happily ever after,’ I suggest you stop reading immediately. Seriously, before you regret.

          Well, you read on so don’t complain if you start feeling afraid, sad or angry. Seriously, I’m trying my best not to scare you. Once again, I’m Justin Brown; this is my story, so focus well. 

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