A Glimpse of Death

Naeve Alvect is a 15 year old girl suffering from depression and has been diagnosed with an unknown mental illness. Scared of her own face, her mother had to deal living in a catastrophic life with her. But what her mother doesn't know is that Naeve is special, she has a special gift whom she will never tell even if it means taking her own life. When a guy suddenly barged into her life, things started turning around for Naeve.


2. Present Day

        2 years later, Dad disappeared without a trace. He left a note for me and mom. 

        To my dearest wife and daughter, 

   I can't stand living with both of you knowing that you already gave up your hope on finding my beloved Ethan. He was my source of light. I won't come back even if you find me, I'll be living happily with my new wife. Please understand that I have to get out from the darkness and start living like a normal person again. I already signed the divorce papers. Honey, I hope you can let me go. I will always love both of you. Always. For eternity. 

                                                                                                                                   From your beloved husband  and father

         After reading the note, mom didn't utter even a single word. She just threw away the note, signed the divorce papers and locked herself inside her room. I was beyond shock that dad would leave us. We didn't lose hope, we were just taking a break. I was home schooled for 7 years. Mom finally went back to normal and enrolled me at West Field High School (this school doesn't actually exist. I made it up :p)




      I heard my alarm and quickly got up. It was 5 in the morning. I usually wake up at 5 to walk at the park alone. I didn't like walking around with people around me. It suffocates me. How they look at me with pitiful eyes. At first, I was okay with the whole 'I pity you' from the people but now it was a pain to me. 

      I stood up and walk towards the bathroom. Usually people would have mirrors in their bathroom, but I don't. I destroyed them all. I never knew what I looked like. All I know is that my hair was black at the top and silver at the end. I dyed my hair. Well, our hair will turn white when we grow old might as well get use to having white hair now. 

      After taking a shower, I wore a grey sweatshirt, a grey washed out ripped jeans and a pair of black converse. 


     (The clothes I wore)   

        I didn't dried my hair because it'll dry by itself when I come back from my walk. 

  "Another torturing day for me" I let out a sigh and went outside. The park was just around the corner. I walked for what felt like hours and decided to go back home when I saw my neighbor, Yvas (he's Russian) was at the park with his dog. That was my cue to go back home.

       I changed my clothes into something darker. I wore a pair of black leggings, a black sweatshirt that has the word 'flawless' on it, a pair of black boots and my favorite black crescent moon pendant. 


(What Eve Wore)

          While in the car with mom, she tried starting a conversation with me. But I usually just answer her with a nod or I'd just shook my head. 

  "Eve, you know I don't hate you. It's not your fault dad left us. We still have each other." I just nodded my head and continued gazing into the window. 

  "Are you still going to give me the silent treatment? You have been doing that for more than 5 years. Do you hate me that much?" Mom's voice was shaking. She was going to cry. She has tears on her eyes that was threatening to fall. 

  "I don't hate you but I hate dad though for making you live in this misery." Mom went silent and she just kept quiet until we arrived at my school. 

  "Honey, don't hate your dad. He was in a deeper misery...  Just call me when you're done" I just nodded my head, took my bag and went ahead entering the gate to hell. 

           I continued walking until I saw my friend, Angel. Don't be fooled with her name. She's cranky and aggressive. She's also into goth like me. 

          I speed walk myself towards her. She looked at me and I could see the pain and suffering in her eyes. She had abusive parents. If you're wondering.

   "Hello, death. Are you finally here to claim my life?" I just gave her a smile and nodded my head.

   "Angel Christofer, your time has come. Any last words?" She smiled and laughed. We always joke about death to start of the day. I know it's not good to joke about it but both of us couldn't care less about dying. It was our only wish.

   "Fuck off!" I burst out laughing and so did Angel. She wanted her last words to be something awesome. Let's just say she wants to leave this world with awesomeness. 


          We went ahead to our class and this is where hell life starts. I entered the classroom and people started snickering and pointing at me. Angel wasn't in the same class as I was. 

           I slowly walked towards where my seat was. But someone poured white paint on it. I just stared at the chair. I wanted to cry so bad but I don't want them to see me broken.

   "Hey, bird brain. You going to sit or what?" I flinched at the harshness of his words. He sat beside me and I was blocking his way. Everyone pitied him because he had to sit beside me.

   "Y-yeah.." I mentally face palmed myself. Why the fuck did you stuttered. 
   "Awwww.. Are you gonna cry, dumb ass?" I just sat on the wet paint and took out my books. Everyone started laughing even louder.

    "She frickin' sit on the chair! How dumb can she be?" A girl shouted really loud so that you could even taste the bitterness of her words. I just hid my head even deeper inside my hood.

          Then, the teacher came in and class started. It was interesting and fascinating if you ask me. I really love learning biology. But every time when I write something down, people would throw papers at me or even worse spitballs. 

           After class ended, it was lunch time. When I stood up, my legging were now covered with white paint. People kept laughing. I had to stood up with this kind of bullying everyday and that made my depression even worse. 

   "Hey, girl. What happened to your leggings?" I just kept quiet since I don't want to talk about it. Even though Angel was my only friend, I don't want her to pity me too. 

   "I fell and sat on wet black paint. I know. Clumsy right?" I tried to laugh it out. But it came out really fake. 

    "Come on. Let's eat." Angel must have noticed my nervous actions as she pulled me into the cafeteria. No one dared to scold Angel. She was a devil, she could even kill you within seconds but she never did murdered anyone...yet.  Once she backhanded a guy so bad that he flew across the room. The guy taunted her since she's always wearing black clothes like I did. 

           I told her the whole thing because she was so persistent. This was the first time I told someone about me being bullied. Angel got mad and almost bitch slapped a guy who kept on asking Angel for her number. Even though Angel was an emo, she was beyond gorgeous. She had a pair of blue eyes that would captivate anyone, a should-length brunette hair, tan skin and her body was shapely. 

(Angel's face ^^) (a.k.a Megan Fox)

                   After Angel calm down, we head to class and the bullying started again. I just ignored them and focused on the teacher. 

                   After school ended, my mom picked me up and we went back home. I still remember that I used to have two very caring and lovely bestfriends. Samantha and James. I loved them so much that I started smiling again. But Sammy moved away and James.. well, James stopped being my friend. He once told me he liked Sammy so, after Sammy left. He had no more reason to be my friend anymore.

                  I used to like James. But now he's a jerk. He's one of the people who would call me names and bullied me like there's no tomorrow. He exposed all of my secrets to his friends and it spread out like a plagued at school. Everyone started calling me 'unwanted puppy' since dad left me cause he cared for Ethan more than me and even left us. 

                When we arrived, I got up from the seat. Mom was long gone beside me. I was trapped in my thoughts that I didn't even remember mom's words. It was important but I could just ask her later.

               I entered the house and walked towards the kitchen. I was hungry asf. 

               Then, I stopped dead on my tracks as I saw someone sitting on the stool while eating. Mom was smiling and laughing while talking to the unknown person. I stepped closer and the unknown person turned around. 

             My eyes were wide as I hitched in shock.

   "Eve!" I started shaking my head in disbelief.

              I can't believe this person would come in to my life again. Then, I burst out crying. 



           -Author's note-

    I will slowly update this story. I'm really busy with my studies and I rarely have time to rest. Sorry if there's a lot of grammar mistake (> /// <) I'm also sorry that the first chapter is really short and maybe doesn't make sense but I promise you the story will get better and better. I have a lot of ideas to spice up this story but first, I just want people to know how the main character is suffering and just stayed quiet. Until then, goodbye~ (-^-)


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