A Glimpse of Death

Naeve Alvect is a 15 year old girl suffering from depression and has been diagnosed with an unknown mental illness. Scared of her own face, her mother had to deal living in a catastrophic life with her. But what her mother doesn't know is that Naeve is special, she has a special gift whom she will never tell even if it means taking her own life. When a guy suddenly barged into her life, things started turning around for Naeve.


1. Encounter


          I heard my dad calling my name. Everything was so perfect back then.

    "Dad! Where's my pink dress ?"

          We were going out for a picnic. My mom was busy making food for us to eat during the picnic. After a few minutes later, dad was by my side trying to put on the pink dress on me. The dress was short, it stopped inches away above my knees and it was sleeveless.

    "There you go. Now, why don't you give daddy his reward ?"

          I smiled and kissed his cheeks. I was much more closer to my dad since he always makes my day much more brighter with his jokes. I know, cliche right ?

     "Now, honey. Why don't you go downstairs and pack your  toys."

          I nodded and quickly dash towards the playroom.I approached the room and saw my little brother sitting on the rocking chair while caressing my doll. He was facing his back towards me so I couldn't really see his face.

         The room was dark and it had an eerie feeling.

      "Ethan, mommy told us to pack. I can't wait for... Ethan ?"

           I slowly inched forward towards him and tapped his shoulder lightly. It wasn't Ethan who was sitting on the rocking chair. It was a doll who looked really similar to him. I let out a yelped.

      "MOMMY ! DADDY !"

           Dad quickly ran downstairs. Mom pulled my wrist and hugged me. Mom was shaking and dad was fuming with anger. 

"That bastard ! I'm gonna kill him !"

           I flinched. Dad never raised his voice in front of me. I rubbed mom's back circular motion. She was shaking like crazy.

      "Mom... Stop shaking. Calm down. We'll find Ethan."

           I closed my eyes and imagined myself with my family sitting under an oak tree, laughing at Ethan because he was wearing his trousers backwards. He was only 4 when he disappeared. Somehow my imaginary image got transfer to mom's mind because she looked at me in glee and started laughing hysterically. 

       "What's wrong, honey?" 

            Dad was confused. He's eyes were so wide I was scared that it might pop out any second. Even though mom was laughing she still was forlorn. I took dad's hand. It was cold indicating he was actually also scared. I put his hand on cheeks. I could feel the energy transfer from my hand to dad's. He started to laugh but not like mom did. 

             That was the last time we had breakfast with Ethan. I can still feel his presences in that house. I promised mom and dad that I would find Ethan and bring him home one day.  



           That was back then when I was still 6. We haven't found Ethan, there wasn't even a trace of him that he'd left. Ethan's disappearance is now classified as a cold case. No one was able to find him .  

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