You're My Drug ~Zayn Malik Love Story~xdddd

Paris is a 19 year old girl from a broken home. She has broken friends too. The biggest problem is that she is a drug addict and can't pay her debt to the biggest drug dealer in England, Nyaz (pronounced Naz, Zayn). She finds out that she has not only have a drug addiction but a love addiction. Read more to find out.


2. Reuniting

Next Day

Paris' POV
I was woken up by cold water being poured on me. I screamed and jumped out of bed. There stood Harry. I scoffed and glared at him. He tried to grab me but I moved away from him. I walked to the door, but He pulled me onto the bed. He stood over me and I looked up at him.

"What the hell is your problem, Paris?" Harry asked.
"Don't fucking touch me."  I hissed.
"I'm just doing my job." Harry says.
"Yeah by treating your best friend like shit." I said.
"You should know that I'm not doing this on purpose." Harry said.
"Yeah right. This is all revenge."  I spat.
"For what?" Harry asked.
"Just take me to Nyaz." I said.

We walked out the room and  walked downstairs. I was freezing and my bra was showing. My wrist were still taped and they began to hurt. Nyaz walked up to me and looked at me, up and down. I looked up at him.

"So are you gonna tell me why you had Harry wake me up with freezing water or am I going to have to kill someone?" I said.
He continued to look at me.
"What the hell are you looking at?" I whispered strictly.
"Nice bra, darling." He said, smirking.
"Anyway, Nichole, you will work for me for two months or more until you pay off your debt." Nyaz said.
"What if I refuse?" I asked.
"I will shoot you and make it look like a suicide. It's your choice." Nyaz said.
I sighed and looked at Harry, he nodded.
"When do I start?" I asked.
"Today, at 2:30. Go get ready."  Nyaz said.
"I would but I don't have any clothes, Asshole." I said.
"Fine. I guess I'll just have to take you." He said.
"I'll take her, Nyaz." Harry said.
"No, I want to take her." Nyaz said.

Zayn's POV
I opened the door for Nichole and closed it. I could tell she hated me but it's just business. I'm actually a good guy but when I'm angry or offended, I black out. I began driving and Nichole's head was leaning on the window. I should probably talk to her. I want to make her comfortable.

"Nichole." I said.
She lifted her head and said."What, Nyaz?"
"How are you?" I asked.
"Are trying to have a real conversation with me?" Nichole questioned.
"I'm trying to be nice, damn it. So how are you?" I said.
"I'm losing circulation in my wrist, I'm going through withdrawal, I've been kidnapped, and.." Nichole states.
"And what?" I asked.
"Nothing." She said, looking out the window followed by a sigh.

I guess I would be distance if I was talking to my kidnapper too. She didn't seem distance or scared though, she seemed secretive like she was holding a lot of secrets. She's not like other girls, she speaks her mind. I continued to drive and parked in front of her house. We got out the car and walked into her house. She just stood there.

"What the hell are you waiting for?' I asked.
"I can't do shit unless the tape is off my wrist." Nichole said.
I grabbed a knife from the kitchen and quickly cut the tape.
"Now go." I demanded.

Paris' POV
 I walked into my room and got my suitcases from under my bed. I began packing everything I could. In the middle of packing, I tripped and fell. I opened my eyes and saw a box. I opened the box and saw 250 dollars in cash. I finished packing and grabbed the money. I walked downstairs and Nyaz looked at me.

"What the hell are you looking at?" I asked, putting the money in my pocket.
"What are you hiding?" Nyaz asked, walking up to me.
"I'm not hiding anything." I said.
"Yes, you are. I know you are." Nyaz said.
"You don't know anything about me." I said, walking out the door.

I put my bags in the car and looked at my phone, no one called or texted. I looked at the house and looked at the car. I started walking out the drive way when I bumped into someone, it was Nyaz. He looked at me and chuckled. He threw me over his shoulder and carried me to the car. He drove off. He grabbed my arm and took me in the house. He came back in with my bags and I went upstairs. I took a shower, brushed my teeth, and dressed into this outfit. I walked downstairs and the guys are ready. We walked into Venus and sat in the back. Nyaz told me to stay close to him. Someone came up to us and he looked familiar.

Zayn's POV
Christian came up to the table and I could tell that he saw Nichole. He winked at her but he tried to play it off. I looked at Nichole and she grinned softly. I cleared my throat and she stopped.

"Do you have what we need?" I asked. 
"Yeah,it's right here." He said, holding the money out.
"Nichole." I said.
 She walked up to him and started counted the money. He said something to her that caught her attention. Her head went up and they both shared smiles. I cleared my throat and she looked at me.
"It's all here, Nyaz." She says, walking to me.
She grabbed her clutch and walked towards Christian.
"Where are you going?" I asked.
"Dancing." She said, grabbing Christian's hand.
"I'll bring her back." Christian says, walking away.
"Who the fuck was that?" Nyaz asked.
"Her ex-boyfriend." Louis said.

Paris' POV
Christian is my ex-boyfriend. The only reason we broke up is because he went back to California. He's also the only person that knows everything about me. Anyway, we were dancing and just having fun. Then we walked outside on the balcony. We started talking.

"So when did you start going with Nyaz?" He asked.
"I don't go with him. I just work for him." I said.
"That's good. I wouldn't know how to react if I saw my girl with someone else." Christian said, smiling.
"So I'm still your girl?" I asked.
"You were always my girl." He whispered.
I smiled softly and looked down.
"Don''t hide, Paris."  Christian said, lifting my chin.
I felt someone grab my arm.
"Nichole, we're leaving. Now." Nyaz said.
"I'll text you later." Christian said, kissing my cheek.
"Bye." I said softly.

Nyaz pulled me out the club and into the car. He slammed my back into the car. His face had anger written all over it.  He began pacing.

"What the fuck is wrong with you?" I yelled.
He walked towards me and slapped me. I grabbed my face and looked at him.
"You acted completely unprofessional! You don't sneak off to fuck my customers!"  Nyaz yelled.
"I didn't fuck him. We just danced and talked, Asshole." I said strongly.
"What did you just call me?" Nyaz asked, walking up to me.
"Asshole." I whispered strongly.
He grabbed my hair and banged it against the car. I screamed through my teeth.
"You will not interact with any of my customers! Do you understand?" Nyaz said, strictly.
I looked at him with hate in my eyes.
"Answer me, damn it." Nyaz growled.
"Yes, I understand." I growled back.
He let go of my hair and cracked his knuckles.
"Now get your little ass in the car before I kill you." Nyaz said.

I glared at him before climbing in the car. He got in and he drove home. I stormed in the house and went in my room. I slammed the door and Nyaz walked in. I really wish he leave my the fuck alone. He duct tapped my mouth and wrist then left. Ugh! 

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