You're My Drug ~Zayn Malik Love Story~xdddd

Paris is a 19 year old girl from a broken home. She has broken friends too. The biggest problem is that she is a drug addict and can't pay her debt to the biggest drug dealer in England, Nyaz (pronounced Naz, Zayn). She finds out that she has not only have a drug addiction but a love addiction. Read more to find out.


4. Consequences

Next Week
Paris' POV
I woke up, took a shower, brushed my teeth, and dressed into this outfit. I put my gun in my purse and walked downstairs. Nyaz said we had business to tend to. walked in the kitchen and the guys were cooking and dancing. I grabbed an apple but Liam grabbed my hand and spun me around. I laughed as we pulled into each other. Harry put whipped cream on my face. I threw whipped cream at him and I ran out the kitchen. My smile quickly faded as I saw Nyaz. He had on a black suit with a white shirt. He looked amazing. Did I really just say that?

"What is this on your face?" Nyaz asked.
"Whipped cream." I said.
He wiped the cream off my face and licked it off his finger.
"Are you ready to go, darling?"Nyaz said.
"Yeah." I said.

Zayn's POV
I opened the door for her and closed the door behind her. I know I've acting like a real dick to her but I wanna show her that I'm a nice guy. The car ride was quiet but we did have a small conversation. I'm trying to see if she would tell what she's hiding but she didn't. We arrived at a black building and we both got out the car. I grabbed her arm before she walked towards the building.

"What?" She asked.
"Stay close to me and keep your gun close to your hand." I said.
"Are you saying that they might shoot me?" Nichole exclaimed.
"They might, just calm down. Stay by me and hold your gun." I whispered."Understand?"
"Yeah." She said.
"One more thing." I said.
"What?" She asked.
"Don't be sarcastic." I said.

She nodded and we walked in. I could tell she was nervous but it was kinda cute. What am I saying? Anyway, we walked in and one of the guards walked us to the back room. I walked in front of the table and saw Johnny sitting on the couch smoking a cigar. Nichole stayed by my side as I sat down. She looked serious, it was kinda turning me on. Ugh, shake it off! Focus, Zayn!

"Who's the bitch?" Johnny asked.
"I'm not a bitch, dick head." Nichole said.
"Oh, feisty. Isn't she?' Johnny said. "Who is she?"
"My assistant." I said."Let's get down to business. Shall we?"
"I am only offering this much." Johnny said, sliding the paper to me.
"That's not enough for both loads." I said.
"I know, that's why I'm only doing one load." Johnny said.

I continued to try and negotiate a deal but Johnny wouldn't budge. I was frustrated and Nichole could tell. She looked around to see if anyone was trying to shoot or anything. At this point, our conversation has gotten heated to the point that we are practically screaming. Johnny blew smoke in my face and that was the final straw. I got up and aimed my gun at his head. Someone aimed their gun at me and Nichole aimed her gun at him.

"Shoot one bullet and you're dead." Nichole yelled.
I smiled at her.
"What are you gonna do? Shoot me?" Johnny asked.
"You have one more time before I shoot your fucking brains out." I spat. "Give me the money for both loads."
"And if I don't?" Johnny said.

I got closer to his head with the gun. I was just about to pull the trigger when I heard a gunshot. I quickly looked at Nichole but she dodged the shot. She shot one of the guards in his neck and the other in the hand, so he dropped the gun. God, I love this girl. I shot Johnny, grabbed Nichole's arm, and ran out of the building. We both got in car and I drove off. I parked in a parking lot. We both was breathing heavy.

"That happened." She muttered.
"Yeah it did." I said.
"No like that really happened. I shot two people!" She exclaimed excitedly. "That was thrilling!"
That brought a smile to my face.
"When is our next deal?" She said, smiling but it went away quickly." Sorry." "No it's fine. It was nice to see you smile." I said.
"Excuse me?" She said.
"What?" I asked.
"Nothing. It's just that you complimented me." She said.
"I know." I said. "Is that a problem?"
"No, it's that. I wouldn't except that from you." She said.
"Why?" I asked.
She chuckled."You slammed my head in the car door."
"Sorry about that." I said.

I began driving us home but this time I took the long way. She was leaning her head on the window and she was muttering something. I couldn't hear but it looked like she was singing. I can't believe I was opening up to this girl. We started having a deep conversation about each other. She had the most adorable laugh. What the hell are you saying Zayn? She's just a profit. 

Paris' POV
I didn't know Nyaz was nice. I thought he was just an asshole. He had a beautiful smile. We walked inside the house laughing. The guys came downstairs and looked at us confused. My smile went away and my head went down. I walked into the kitchen quickly and leaned on the counter. Liam walked in and stood in front of me.

"How'd it go?" Liam asked.
"Good, I shot two people." I muttered.
"So what's up with you and Nyaz?"  Liam asked.
"Nothing. Why?" I asked.
"When you two walked in, you guys looked like best friends." Liam said.
I chuckled."You're funny, Liam."

I grabbed a water and walked into the living room. I sat on the couch and I could feel someone staring at me. I turned around and saw Christian standing in the door way. I smiled and walked over to the door. I walked to him and hugged him. His hands went down to my waist but I pulled away.

"What are you doing here?" I asked.
"I came to see you." He said.
"I told you that I can't see you as long as you're Nyaz's customer." I informed.
"I'm not a customer." Christian said.
"I'm not getting in trouble because of you. Now good-bye."  I said.
I  began to close the door but Christian put his foot in the way.
"What?" I asked.
He grabbed my hand and pulled me outside.
"You're gonna get me--" I said.

He interrupted my sentence by kissing me. It felt like old times. His kiss was gentle but passionate. I kissed back and closed my eyes. I felt his hands move down to my waist. I already know I'm going to regret this. I grabbed his arms then I heard a car pull up. I pulled away saw that it was Nyaz. Damn! I ran in the house and into the kitchen. I could hear yelling and the door slamming. Nyaz came in the kitchen and grabbed my arms. He slammed my back against the wall. Rage filled his eyes.

"Did I just see you and Christian kiss?" Nyaz asked."Don't fucking lie to me."
"Yes! Okay." I yelled.
"What did I tell you about interacting with my customers?" Nyaz yelled.
"He said he wasn't you're customer any more! Plus, he kissed me first by the way." I yelled.
He slapped me and I fell to the ground.
"Don't ever be that stupid again!" Nyaz growled.
"You do it all the time!" I yelled.

He turned around and looked at me. He grabbed my hair and dragged me to the basement. He threw me to the wall and I groaned in pain. I held my head but Nyaz grabbed my wrist and tied them with rope. I could barely keep my eyes open. He pulled the other end of the rope, so I would hang like this. I grunted and my head hanged. Whatever happens I cannot close my eyes.

Zayn's POV
This is what happens when you open yourself to someone. They go kiss one of your enemies. I looked at her then I walked upstairs. I walked into the living and the guys looked at me.

"Where's Paris, mate?" Niall asked.
Liam hit him.
"Who?" I questioned.
"Nichole, he meant." Liam said.
"She's in the basement. You can see her but don't untie her." I said.

I walked upstairs and into my room. I slammed the door and laid on my bed. I should've killed her when I had the chance. She's gorgeous but she has a smart mouth. I want her to know that I am a really nice guy but the shit she says makes me so angry. I didn't want hurt her but she needs to know better.

Liam's POV
We walked to the basement and saw Paris hanging there. She lifted her head and looked at us. It looked like she was crying. I really wish I could help her. She just looked at us and wee just stood there, not saying a word. We just listened to her sobbing.
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