You're My Drug ~Zayn Malik Love Story~xdddd

Paris is a 19 year old girl from a broken home. She has broken friends too. The biggest problem is that she is a drug addict and can't pay her debt to the biggest drug dealer in England, Nyaz (pronounced Naz, Zayn). She finds out that she has not only have a drug addiction but a love addiction. Read more to find out.


1. Prolouge

Paris' POV
I'm in my room with my friends, Logan & Diana. Diana is a true drug addict like she snorts crack and smokes pot. I only smoke weed. Logan is a stuck up rich white boy that's too uptight to break the rules. He doesn't do anything but look at himself in the mirror. I'm laying on the bed with my head hanging off the side. Logan is holding my legs and Diana is on the floor. Smoke is everywhere.

"Nichole, stop with the smoke. You're killing me." Logan complains, waving his hands.
I laughed and puffed smoke.
"You're kidding me, right?" Diana asked, rubbing her nose.
"There's a lot of smoke in here, Diana." Logan complained.
"Nichole, do you hear this fucker?" Diana asked, sitting on the bed.
"So uptight." I chuckled, putting my head on the bed.  

My name is Paris but Nichole is my middle name and the name I go by. It's not like I hate my middle name. Not everyone needs to know my real name. Suddenly my phone rang and I knew exactly who it was, it was Nyaz pronounced Naz  (Zayn). I grabbed my coat and put my blunt out. I put on my coat and saw the lovebirds making out.

"Guys." I said.
They both looked up.
"If you bang in my bed, clean up after yourselves, alright?" I said.

They continued to make out and I walked out. It was raining, so I just put my hood over my head. I walked to the back of Acapulca through an alley. Harry and Louis was at the door. Harry went first and Louis went last, leaving me in the middle. We had to walk in between people dancing in order to get to Nyaz.. I stepped in front of Nyaz, Niall, and a guy I never seen before(Liam). 

"Hello, Nichole, darling." Nyaz says.
"Hi." I said.
"Do you have what we need?" Niall asked.
"No, I have part of it." I said.
"Part doesn't work for me." Nyaz says, leaning forward.
"I just need...another week." I begged.
"I already gave you 2 weeks. I have a business to run." Nyaz said, walking towards me.
I began to back away but I bumped in Louis. Nyaz told me to lean in and I did.
"Now, you are going to walk out with us like a normal person. If you make a scene, I will have you dragged out. Understand?" Nyaz said.

I backed away into  the crowd of dancing people and began run away. I was a few feet away from the door. I ran into Louis and Niall grabbed me. I began to fight back but Niall just grabbed me tighter. He carried me pass the crowd and to Nyaz. Nyaz threw is cigarette out and walked up to my face. He slapped me and I shot an evil glare at him.

"Don't try that shit again." Nyaz whispered strongly.

He rubbed his nose, snapped his fingers, and pointed towards the door. Niall pushed towards Louis and he put duct tape on my mouth and put duct tape my wrists together. He looked at me with sorry eyes and mouthed "Sorry, Paris." I knew Louis, Niall, and Harry from way back before they were drug dealers. Those were the good times. Anyway, I was thrown in the truck of the van by Harry. It kinda hurts to see my friends act like this towards me.

Harry's POV
I didn't talk much the car ride home. I felt guilty treating Nichole like that. It's not like I want but I don't have a choice. Times are tough and I need the money. I just hope she knows I didn't mean it on purpose. Niall, Louis, and I looked at each other with guilt in our eyes. I just shook my head. We arrived at the house and Liam dragged her out the truck. I walked straight in with Zayn, Niall, and Louis. Liam came in and threw Paris on the ground. She landed on her knees luckily.

"What do we do with her, mate?" Louis asked.
"I don't know." Zayn said.
"Let's ask her." Liam said.
Zayn walked up to her and ripped the tape off her mouth. She grunted.
"What should we do to you, love?" Zayn asked, grinning.
Paris spit in his face and said."Eat my shit!"
Zayn smacked her and walked back over to us.
"Put that bitch in the guest room." Zayn commanded.

Louis and I grabbed her arms and walked her up to the guest room. We sat her on the bed and she scooted to the corner of the wall. She avoided eye contact with us.

"We're sorry, Paris."  I said.
"Don't call me Paris. Only my real friends call me Paris." Paris said strictly.
"We are your real friends." Louis said.
"Yeah right. Real friends don't duct tape your hands and mouth or throw you in the truck." Paris says in a elevated voice.
"Calm your voice down before he comes in here." I warned her.
"It's not like we did it on purpose." Louis said.
"Leave now. The both of you." She said, turning away from us .
"Paris." Louis said softly.
"Don't fucking call me that! Now get the fuck out." She yelled.

We both walked out and sat outside her door. We fucked up big time. Niall came and joined us. We all sighed deeply.

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