Lovelace Falls

Multiple teens live in Lovelace Falls. Where do alliances lie? Who trusts who? Who's paired up with who? You'll have to read to find out.


10. Chapter 9


“Talk to you guys later!” I say to Claire and Skylar as I run out of school towards the parking lot. I quickly get into my car and race home. I get home and run inside. “Gramps! Gramps! Are you home?” I yell.

“I’m in the kitchen, sweetheart.” Gramps replies. I run towards the kitchen. I see him sitting at the kitchen table and reading a book.

“Ah thank goodness you're here!” I say in relief.

“Hello to you too.” Gramps chuckles.

“I have a couple questions.” I say as I sit down next to him.

“Alright.” He says.

“You know how you’re always saying I’m psychic?” Gramps nods his head. “This might sound crazy. I had a vision, and it was about Ashley!” I say really fast. Gramps looks at me weirdly.

“Whoa! Slow down Rosie!” He laughs.

“Okay. Sorry.” I take a deep breath. “I had a vision today at school. It happened when I shook someone’s hand. Ashley was in the vision, and she seemed like she was in trouble.” I say. Gramps looks at me seriously.

“Don’t freak out when I tell you this, okay?” I nod my head. “You’re a witch.” I look at him confused. He’s joking, right?

“Gramps, what?” I put my hand on his shoulder, not believing what he had just told me. “Are you taking those pills again?” I ask worriedly.

“No!” He pushes my hand off. “I’m being serious!”

I stand up. “Prove it then!” I cross my arms. Gramps itches his head.

“Well, I can't really show you.”

“And why’s that?” I ask.

“I'm not a witch, Grams was.” I’m speechless. Grams wasn't a witch! He stands up and goes into the family room. I follow him. He starts searching the bookshelf. “But I can show you her grimoires.” He says as he grabs a huge, old, dusty book. He sits down on the couch and opens one of the grimoires. I stand there frozen, trying to comprehend what's going on. He pats the cushion next to him. “Rose, sit down.” Gramps never calls me Rose. He only does when he's being serious. Is he telling the truth? I quickly sit down next down next to him. “Come on, read it.” Gramps says. I look at him, confused about what is going on. “Sorry, Grams was supposed to be the one to teach you.” He laughs. “But I do know some stuff because of her.” He flips through the pages. He points to a page and says, “Read this spell.”

“Okay.” I look down at the grimoire, and don't understand a thing. It’s like reading gibberish. But then I take a closer look, and I could understand it.

“Read it aloud.” He says patiently.

I close my eyes and say, “Incendia.” I open my eyes and look around. “See Gramps! Nothing happened! I told you I wasn't a witch.” Gramps smirks at me. “What?” I ask.

“Look closer. You did a spell!” He says excitedly.

“Huh?” I look around again. “Nope. Don't see anything.” I start to walk out of the family room into my room.

“You sure?” He asks. I turn around. “Positive. Oh well, I guess I'm not a witch after all.” I turn around to go to my room and see a candle lit. “Gramps? When did you light this candle?”

“I didn't light the candles, you did.” Gramps smiles.

“Huh?” I look around the room and see all the candles lit up. I say the spell again. “Incendia.” The candles aren’t lit anymore. “Oh my goodness.” I look at Gramps. He nods his head in approval. “I guess I am a witch.” I sit back down next to Gramps and take the grimoire. “Tell me everything I need to know.” I say. Gramps sighs.

“Grams told me not to tell you until your sixteenth birthday. When you said you had a vision, I realized it was time to tell you.” “

Grams knew? What about my mom?”

“They both knew. Your mom was also a witch.”

“Really? No way. Is that why my mom left?”

“I don’t know.” Gramps rubs his hands. “Alright! Now for the good stuff. Witch rules.” He gets up and looks through the books. “Let’s see here, witch rules.” He gets a book. “Here it is! The Palmers’ Witchbook. This book explains everything you need to know about witches.” He gives the book to me.

“Thanks, Gramps.” I start walking to my room.

“Don’t tell anyone about this.” Gramps suddenly says. I turn around.

“Not even Ashley?”

“Not even Ashley.”

“Fine.” I say.

I go upstairs to my room, somewhat disappointed. I sit on my bed and open the book.

Never go against the law of nature.

Never use too much magic at once. If you are using too much, there will be a cost; like nosebleeds and dizziness. You can pass out, or worse you can die.

In order to do spells, you must use candles.

Weak spells: you need a couple of candles.

Strong spells: you need a lot of candles.

There are two types of witchcraft: Mägent and Clovës.

Never study Clovës. That magic is the dark side of witchcraft.

Don’t ever bring back someone from the dead. That’s goes against the law.

I hear my phone ring.

Ashley: He still hasn’t come yet. Do you think he lied to me?

Rose: No, Ash, I don’t think he lied to you. Maybe he’s just running late?

Ashley: I hope so. I really need help with history.

Rose: More like you want to see him again…

Ashley: Maybe just a little.

Ashley: Oh my god! I think he’s here! Gtg! Bye!

Rose: Good luck! See you tomorrow!

I decide to practice my magic again. I grab a candle from my desk. “Incendia.” The candle lights up. I smile and put the candle down. I hear my phone ring again. I look at it and see that Skylar’s calling me. I pick up the phone. “Hello?”

“Rose! Do you know where Ashley lives?”


“I took her history textbook by mistake.”


“And I know Eli is going to tutor her for history, so how would she do it without her textbook. And Eli isn’t replying to my texts, so I decided why not just give it to her myself.”

“Of course! How would Eli be able to ‘tutor’ Ash without her textbook!”


“Her address is 8765 Jenkins Street.

“Thanks so much!” Sky says.

“No problem!” I hang up.

“Come eat, Rosie!” Gramps yells.

“Okay!” I run downstairs. I go to the kitchen and start helping him set the table. “Gramps? What if I mess this witch thing up? What if I can’t help Ashley in whatever problem she is about to get herself into?” He puts his arm around me.

“Don’t think like that. You’re going to be an amazing witch, and you’ll definitely be able to help Ashley.” I smile.

“Thanks.” We sit down to eat.

“Wait! Something’s missing.” Gramps looks at me in confusion. I get up and open an kitchen cabinet. I grab a candle and place it on the middle of the table.

“Incendia.” The candle lights up. Gramps smiles.  I sit down.

“Now we can eat.”

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