Lovelace Falls

Multiple teens live in Lovelace Falls. Where do alliances lie? Who trusts who? Who's paired up with who? You'll have to read to find out.


8. Chapter 7


Rose, Skylar, and I enter the cafeteria. We see Nicole, Claire, and Cameron already eating lunch. I get a ham and cheese sandwich and place my tray on the table next to Nicole. She gets up out of her seat.

“Ashley! I missed you so much!” We both hug each other. I reply,

“I missed you too! How was your winter break?”

“It was good.” She says, sitting back down.

“Claire!” I say happily.

“Ashley! How are you? I missed you!” Claire says as we hug.

“Things could be better, but I’m okay, I guess.” I say.

“Cam! How are you? How’s Bri?” I ask as him as I hug him. He hugs me back.

She’s good. More importantly, how are you?” He asks, a worried tone in his voice.

“I’m fine! Can you guys stop asking that?” I laugh. Everyone looks at each other worriedly. I sit down and start eating my lunch. “What?” I ask.

“Nothing!” They all say at once. There's an awkward silence. Rose and Skylar walk to our table a minute later.

“You guys met Skylar, right?” Rose said. We all nod our heads. Rose and Skylar sit next to me.

We all start talking about our day so far and what we did in winter break and other random things. A couple minutes later, Eli comes. “Is it okay if I sit with you guys?” He asks.

“Sure!” I blush and look down embarrassed as he sits in front of me.

“So, who were you talking to?” Oh my god, why did I ask that!

“Oh, it was just my brother, Wyatt.” He says and looks at Skylar. I start talking to him and my friends, then the bell rings.

“Does anyone have US History now?” I ask, hoping someone does.

“No. I have Algebra II.” Rose says.

“No way! We do too!” Claire and Skylar say.

Cameron says, “I have English.”

“I do to!” Nicole says. They all start walking to their classes together.

“Oh okay.” I mumble.

“I have history.” Eli says as he walks up to me, offering me my hand. “Want to walk together?” I smile, holding his hand.

In history class, I can't help but be bored by the lesson. I wasn't really paying attention. “Ms. Pierce! What year did the Civil War start?” Mr. Harper says. I have no clue. History’s not my best subject.

“Sorry Mr. Harper, I don’t know.” I say, embarrassed.

“Ms. Pierce, you can’t keep giving me excuses.” Mr. Harper exclaims angrily. My face turns red. “What year did the Civil war end? Do you know that?”

I say, “Um, I don’t-”

Eli interrupts me. “The Civil war began in 1860 and ended in 1865.”

Mr. Harper smirks. “Actually, Mr. King, The Civil war began in 1861.”

Eli responds, “Well, you must’ve gotten your facts wrong. The Civil War started in 1860. Maybe you should catch up on your US history in the local library.” Mr. Harper rolls his eyes.

“I think I’m fine, Mr. King.”

Grinning, Eli turns to me. “It did start in 1860.” He whispers. I laugh. Mr. Harper continues with his lesson about the Civil War. Finally the class ends.

“I hope you all took good notes because you have an essay about the Civil War due Friday. ” He says looking at me. I start freaking out. I wasn’t paying attention at all. After he mentioned my parents’ death… I couldn't stop thinking about them. I am back to feeling sad again.

Eli looks at me and whispers, “Don't worry. It's going to be okay.” It's not going to be okay, it’s never been okay.

The bell rings, signifying school’s finally over. Eli and I walk out of the class. “You really sure know your history?” I say.

Eli laughs, “You could say that.”  

I mumble, “I suck at history.”

Eli stops walking, “Since I’m good at history and all, maybe I can tutor you sometimes after school.”

“That’s a great idea!” I reply. “Want to come over to my house now?”

“Sorry, can I meet you at your house in a hour? I have to go home because my brother says it's important. I promise though, after I will come right over.” He says and starts walking towards Skylar.

“Wait!” I yell. “I didn't tell you my address.” He’s already gone, and I didn't even get his number. Rose walks up to me.

“Hey, what was that about?” I sigh.

“Nothing.” Rose gives me a look.

“You think I believe that? You were talking to him for a long time!”

“He was saying he could help me with history, Then he had to go.” I say disappointingly.

“I’ll help you with the essay!” Rose says. I give her a look.

“Am I being stupid again?” Rose asks, annoyed. I nod my head immediately.

“Oh! He said he can tutor you right? You obviously want him to tutor you since you like him.” She says, realizing what happened.

“No I don't! I have to go meet up with Zayn, talk to you later.” I say, starting to walk away.

She says, “You guys were so cute together walking to history class holding hands.”

I stop and turn around, “You saw that! I mean, what’re you talking about?”

Rose crosses her arms and smirks. “Fine! We’ll talk about it later.” “What happens if Eli doesn't show up?”

Rose questions.

“He promised me he’d show.” I answer.

“How do you know? You just met the guy!” Rose exclaims.

I shrug, “He seems like the type of guy that wouldn't break a promise.”

“Sorry. I'm just looking out for you. Ash, you’re like my sister.” I hug her.

“I know. But, I have to go meet Zayn at the front of the school.”

“Bye!” As Rose waves goodbye, I make my way to the front to meet my brother.  

I see Zayn by himself. He’s been like this ever since the accident. He has earplugs on like always. It’s like he’s trying to avoid everyone. I walk over to him. “Hey, how was school?” I ask. He doesn’t answer. “Zayn!” I take his earplugs off.

“What was that for!” He yells.

“Can you stop avoiding your problems for once? I want to talk to you.” I say seriously.

“Sorry, Ash.” He says as we start walking home.

“Zayn, most people in this town moved on. No one cares anymore. They’re sick of our excuses. I moved on. Maybe you need to move on as well.” I say.

“You call writing in your diary at the cemetery, moving on?” I sigh.

“Okay, I guess it isn’t as easy as I think. We’ll get through this together, Zayn.” I hold his hand.

“How?” He says. I shrug.

I don't know.

Once we get to our house, I see Aunt Mel’s car already parked in the driveway. Zayn and I walk inside to the smell of burnt food. We walk into the kitchen and see Aunt Mel taking the burnt lasagna out of the oven. I start coughing.

“How was school?” She says casually. We look at her confused. “Oh, this?” She points to the burnt lasagna. “Sorry about dinner. I’m still new to this whole cooking thing.” She laughs.

“It’s ok. We can just order takeout.” I say.

“We always get takeout.” Zayn comments. “I’m going upstairs to do homework. Call me when dinner’s ready!” He runs upstairs.

“We both know he isn’t going to do homework, right?” Aunt Mel and I laugh.

“How was school, Ashley?” She asks.

“It was good.” I say. Aunt Mel starts to clean the oven. Speaking of school, is it okay if my friend comes over to help me study?” I ask.

“Of course! Who is it? Rose? Nikki?” Aunt Mel asks. “Claire?” I shake my head. “Okay, who?” She asks. I look at my phone, ignoring her question. It’s almost 4:30. Is he going to come? “Who is it?” She asks again.

“You don’t know him. He’s new.” I say and walk to my room. I get my diary and sit on my bed.

Dear Diary,

    School started again today and I met this really cute guy. His name is Eli. When I bumped into him today, I knew he was different from all the other boys in my school. Right now I’m actually waiting for him to come and help me with history. I really hope he comes. Am I being too desperate? I really like him. He makes me forget about all the troubles in my life. He makes me feel happy.

The doorbell rings. “I’ll get it!” I yell as I run downstairs to answer the door. I murmur, “Please be him.” I open the door. In front of me is Eli smiling.

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