Lovelace Falls

Multiple teens live in Lovelace Falls. Where do alliances lie? Who trusts who? Who's paired up with who? You'll have to read to find out.


6. Chapter 5


Dear Diary,

    Is the house still unstable? Yes, it is. It has been since mom left us. Dad doesn’t want to admit it, but he’s a big mess right now. Every time I ask him why mom left us all those months ago, he ignores my question and changes the subject. I think he hopes that she will one day randomly appear, but to be honest, we all know mom is never coming back. It’s been 4 months already! I guess dad is getting pretty good at this ‘mom’ thing. That’s what Isaac calls it. I mean now he buys groceries, makes dinner, drops us off at school, picks us up from school... and on top of it all, our dad’s a doctor!

    How do I feel about mom leaving us? Devastated, miserable, sad, disappointed. I mean she was my mom, and my best friend, and she just leaves us without any reason as to why. But I get this feeling that Dad knows why and he isn’t sure how we will handle it. I want to know why though, I need to know why.

    Do my friends worry about me? No, I don’t tell them that I’m still upset about the whole ‘mom thing’. I mean after everything that has also happened to my friends in the past 4 months. Nikki’s horrible recurring nightmares since her dad died, Rose’s grandmother dying, and worst of all, Ash’s parents dying in a car accident. I want to be the one to fix my friends problems and be there for them, not the other way around. We have all gone through so much, at least one of us needs to be strong. (That would be me.) I want to tell my friends, I just don’t know how.

    I hear someone banging on my door. “Hurry up! Your bedroom door has been locked up for more than 30 minutes! Did you even eat breakfast? Dad says we have to go now!” Isaac yells, continuing to bang on the door. Have I really been writing in my diary for 30 minutes? I quickly put on my black converse sneakers and race downstairs to the kitchen. I grab a breakfast bar and a water bottle. Then I get my backpack and run outside.

I get in the car. My brother’s in the back seat with his headphones on, probably listening to music. My dad just hung up the phone; he was probably talking to a nurse at the hospital.

“Good morning, dad!” I say as I give him a kiss on the cheek.

“Good morning? That's all you have to say! What took you so long to get dressed? I have to get to the hospital immediately!” He yells.

“I'm sorry. I was just writing in my diary.” My dad still looks pissed as we start to drive to school. “The one mom gave to me for my 11th birthday, before middle school started.” I say quietly. Isaac takes off his headphones and looks at me. I look at dad and see his face soften.

He puts his hand on my shoulder. “I'm sorry sweetheart. I completely forgot.”

I sigh. “It's fine. I should've realized it was time to go.” We pull into school and dad parks the car in front of the school. I look at my watch and it reads: 7:00. We always get to school early because of my dad’s job. Cam gets there early as well, so I hang out with him. “Bye Isaac!” Dad says as Isaac and I get out of the car. Isaac waves at me he walks into the school. He always goes to the library in the mornings. I walk over to the basketball court, the place I know Cam will be for sure.

I walk to Cameron and give him a hug. “Hey! How was your winter break?”

“It was great! I finally got to see Bri again! How was yours? How are things at home?” We drop our backpacks on the bench and get a basketball. “Isaac's great, if that's what you were wondering.” I say as I dribble the basketball.

Cameron steals it from me. “Hey! What was that for?” I say annoyed.

“I’m not talking about Isaac, I'm talking about you.” He says seriously.

“I'm great, couldn't be better!” I fake a smile. It's so hard to lie to my friends everyday, even since they're starting to tell I'm not okay.

“Okay. You would tell me if something was wrong right? I mean we are best friends.” He smiles and passes me the ball. I shoot it into the basketball hoop.

“Of course! Why would I ever lie to you?” Those words replay in my head. “Why would I ever lie to you?” I hate lying to my friends, my best friends. The worst part about it is, at some point the guilt will catch up to you.

We continued to play, then I saw Nicole walking towards us. “Bye Cam! I’ll see you in class.” I say as I get my backpack.

“Bye Claire!” He says as he shoots the basketball into the hoop.

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