Sierra Jennings is a good girl, with a crush on the not so good guy. Typical, right? Not really. What happens when there's more to Sierra's life than Jacob Letti?


1. Chapter 1

Another year worth of A's. I've been working so hard to receive a scholarship for college, I can't imagine not receiving one from some of the most excellent schools in Springfield Falls, California. For many new beginnings of the year, a fresh smell of the cool air allows me to take in the advantages of where I live.

       The weather being damp and cloudy signifies that today might not turn out well. You could still tell that it had rained last night. Shivering, I put on jeans and a white sweater as I step into a pair of close-toe flats, then add some accessories. I have to look good for my first day of junior year. As I’m putting the finishing touches on my outfit, the doorbell rings, announcing Hailey’s arrival.

       “Bye Mom!” I shout. “I'll see you after school!” I take a piece of bread for breakfast and rush out of the house.

       When I get into Hailey’s car, I feel relieved that she picked me up. She and I have been best friends ever since we were six years old. Ten years of friendship is a long time.

       “Sierra!” Hailey says.

       “Hails! Are you excited for junior year?” I ask, curious to know her answer.

       “Yeah, actually. Hopefully Jacob will finally notice me.” Hailey focuses on driving, but I bet she's desperate to know if he likes her.  

       When we finally get to school, I grab my bag. I look down at my schedule, eager to see what classes I'm going to look forward to.

       “I'll see you in English!” Hailey yells once she’s finished looking at both of our schedule’s. Before I can respond, she's out of sight, nowhere to be seen.

       History is my favorite subject. It’s awesome. And I happen to be extremely good at it. When I enter the classroom, I start to take in where I'm going to be spending my year.

       The classroom is painted in a dull, grey color. The desks are arranged in a U so the teacher can check what the students are doing at all times. The bell finally rings. A couple of seats are left empty, so I really don't pay attention to who’s sitting next to who.

       “Hello class.” Our teacher, Ms. Martez says, surprising most students. Ms. Martez is a plump woman with red hair and glasses covering her eyes. “Okay. Let's get right to it.” She hands us a worksheet. Partner work. Ugh, I hate doing work with a partner.

       Before Ms. Martez can continue, two figures walk into the class. Girls are gasping in amazement and others are whispering about how hot the two have become. On the other hand, I roll my eyes and start to fill out my name on my sheet.

       “Sorry we're late.” The cuter of the boys says. He has light brown hair, green eyes, and a perfect jawline. He’s wearing blue jeans and a black top that clearly shows his abs.

       “Boys, please don't be late next time.” They simultaneously nod. “Mr. Letti, please sit next to Ms. Jennings.”

       Letti? As in JACOB LETTI?

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