The Mystics

Life wasn’t so easy for me. Especially, when everything you had or loved...was gone...forever. Oh sure, my life was just fine before, but what if the family you loved so dearly, and so much care for, your loving younger brother that always looked up to you and worried about you every time you’d leave; what if it was all gone, in an instant. Nothing’s the same anymore. Everything has changed...for good. Now that life’s taken its turn. There’s no turning back now. Love sickens me, or so I thought. The last time I opened up my heart and let my guard down, love left me in the shadows. I don’t feel anything anymore. All that’s in my heart now, is anger and hatred.


5. The Underworld


“I say, we go after Hades first. Sound like a plan?”

“Yep. However, you know Hades will try to tempt our demon form. And with him, he knows exactly how to tick me off.”

“Same with me. My demon form is very deadly. I hate transforming, once I turn from anger, it’s very difficult to control it.”

“I see. Well I’ll help you.”

“Thanks, Shad.”

“You’re welcome. Come on, let’s head for the portal.”

“Can we wait til’ tomorrow? We need to prepare. Hades has ways he’ll use to try and beat us.”

“Ya, you’re right. Do you have any money for weapons and armor?”

“Actually, there’s this very well protected room, I have in the old Dragon Drop and I believe it’s still standing.”

“Well then, let’s go gear up.”

“Alrighty.” The walk only took about an hour. I opened the secured hatch to reveal a room full of armor, weapons, cloaks, and potions.

“Wow, this is amazing. You have everything! What’s behind that door?”

“There’s something I have for you, but get geared up first.”

“Okay.” And with that he grabs black demonic armor and a few poison daggers. I take a dark blue armor set and some instant death daggers.

“And here is your new cloak.” I pull out a black cloak with a chain on it.

“I-I love it. What does yours look like?” I smile and show him a dark blue cloak with dark demonic chains. “Wow, you look amazing, Phee.”

“Hehe. Thanks. Now for your weapons.” Sneakily, I open a secret door that leads to a dark chamber with only a single light, shining down on a stone. “Get it, it’s yours. The Sword of Olympus, it was given to me by Kratos, the god of war, himself. And I’ve kept it protected here ever since.”

“T-Thank you. I’ll cherish it forever, Phee. But where’s your weapon?”

“Right here.” I uncover a black ice magic staff and I pull out a dark purple demonic ice sword with black particles surrounding it.

“Woah, now that’s awesome. Let’s go rest for thee night. We’re gonna need as much energy as we can get.”

“Ya. Come on. And we need to eat as well.”

“Also that. I’ll cook when we get to the cottage.”

“Ok. I’m starving.” We walk back tiredly and hungry. Shad cooked some meat and I unpacked some apples we had. After supper, we decided to hit the way. He laid down on the floor and said that I could have the bed. I couldn’t sleep, the wind got in and was making me cold. I started to shiver, and the bed was was kinda speaky.

“Are you cold?” Shadow sits up and looks at me smiling.

“A-A little.” I try to wrap up more in my blanket.

“Here.” He stands up and puts his blanket on me. “Better?”

“Yes, thank you, but you didn’t need to do that. You need to stay warm too.”

“Nah, I’ll be fine. Don’t worry.”

“Here” I scoot over and clear a spot for him. “Come up here.”

“O-Okay.” He lays down beside me and sees me shivering.

“S-Sorry, it’s c-cold tonight.” I try to move even more to stop shivering.

“Heh. Maybe I can help. Do you trust me?” Shadow looks at me sleepily.

“Y-Yes.” I bit my lip in nervousness. Soon enough, big, warm arms wrap around my waist and soft lips press against my neck. Then I look behind me to see Shadow, with his cloak off.

“You warm now?” He smiles at me as chills run down spine.

“Heh. Not quite yet.”

“Well then.” Shadow pulls me closer as turn toward him. I lay my head against his chest and hear his slow steady heartbeat, which makes my eyelids very heavy.

“I’m very warm now, thanks. Heh, goodnight Shadow.”

“One more thing before you fall asleep.” He lifts my face up towards his and leans in to kiss me. This time, I lean in as well. Surprisingly, he kept me close and fell asleep as soon as I did. Morning came along, and I wake up to him holding me firmly. It felt so warm and comforting. And this time I couldn’t slip away.

“Shadow, I gotta get up and get cleaned. I’m sorry.” Shadow pulls me back teasingly.

“Please don’t get up, Phee. You’re too comfortable and beautiful to let go.”

“We got to head for the Underworld. Come on.”

“Ugh fine.” He gets up unwillingly and puts on his cloak. “Wait, how about I come with you?”

“I don’t know.” I look at him hesitantly. “And besides, there’s already a tub here, you know.”

“So? Come on, Phee. Please?”

“Fine, but you have to promise to close eyes while I get undressed.”

“I promise, and that means you too.” He looks at me seriously.

“Alright then, I’ll get the water started and you get our gear ready for when we’re done.”

“Okay. Just tell me when you’re ready.”

“Got it.” And with that he leaves the room. I start the water and turn around to see Shadow without a shirt.

“W-Wow. U-Um...” I blush wildly.

“What? Did I do something wrong?”

“N-No. You’re fine.”

“Sure. Now, is the water ready?”

“Yes. I’ll leave the room, so you can get in.”

“You know, you don’t have to go. You can stay in here with me.”

“I-I don’t know. W-We’re just friends.” He looks at me like he wants me to just relax.

“Come on, Phee.”

“Fine, but you have to close your eyes while I undress and get in.”

“Okay.” Nervously, I undress and step into the warm water and sit down. It was kinda awkward when he got in. Soon enough, I just couldn’t do it. I got out, put my clothes, and ran outside.

Suddenly, there was an explosion near the Dragon Drop ruins.

“What in the…?” I run to the ruins, leaving Shadow behind at the house.

When I arrive, there’s an active Underworld portal. Knowing Shadow was probably mad at me from earlier, I head into the portal by myself, unarmed. I forgot how dark and very dangerous this place is. Regretting that I didn’t grab my armor or weapons, I head into Hades’ lair anyway.

A bellowing voice echoes through the walls, “WHO DARES ENTER MY REALM!!!” As I enter the door, I get ready to fight. “It is I, Phoenix. I’ve come for revenge on you and your minions.”

“OH, YOU THINK SO.” Hades creates three huge minions of his and sends them after me. I stumble back, remembering I have no weapons to fight with. “THE POOR GIRL CAN’T FIGHT! CAN YOU!?”

“Even without any weapons, I’ll still fight you.”

“MINIONS. ATTACK!!!” I get ready to strike, but the monsters beat me to it. Before I know it, I’m shot back hard against the wall and my head starts bleeding in the back, as the world spins around and everything becomes blurry. “LOCK HER IN THE CHAIR!!!”

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