The Mystics

Life wasn’t so easy for me. Especially, when everything you had or loved...was gone...forever. Oh sure, my life was just fine before, but what if the family you loved so dearly, and so much care for, your loving younger brother that always looked up to you and worried about you every time you’d leave; what if it was all gone, in an instant. Nothing’s the same anymore. Everything has changed...for good. Now that life’s taken its turn. There’s no turning back now. Love sickens me, or so I thought. The last time I opened up my heart and let my guard down, love left me in the shadows. I don’t feel anything anymore. All that’s in my heart now, is anger and hatred.


2. The Truth

“Heh. Are you ready to tell me more about you? Or do you need more time to trust me?” He asks eagerly.

    “I think I’m ready. W-what do you want to know?”

    “Tell me about your childhood. O-only if you want to.” He looks away nervously.

    “I didn’t have much of a childhood, my family died in a village fire. I was the only one who survived. Then I went to live in Arndyre with the King and Queen. When I was there, I met a friend, we became inseparable. But then, when we got older, the King sent me to join his army, which separated us for two years. Then, when I came back, the Queen was dead and the boy had ran away. To make matters worse, the King banished me for a magic accusation. Years later, I found out that he was the one who destroyed the village and killed my family. And now, here I am, with you.” Shad sits there in silence for a moment. Fighting the tears wanting to break free, I look away from him, trying not to let my guard down.

    “Are you okay, Phoenix?” He puts his hand on my shoulder comfortingly.

    “Yes, it’s just...talking about my past like that, really hurts. I don’t let my guard down easily and I hate crying in front of people.”

    “I understand. My life wasn’t so nice either. To start off, my dad never treated me good, he would beat me, any chance he had. My mother took very good care of me. When I turned the age of 13, my mom brought in a young girl that looked about 12. I connected with her. She made my life worth living. However, my father wasn’t okay with me being happy. So, when the girl turned 16, he sent her to join his army and was gone for 2 years. I ran away from Arndyre when  was 18. Now at 19, here I am.”

    “What was her name?”

    “I don’t really remember, but her nickname was Phee. Also I remember giving her this necklace, but it was right before my father locked me in the Underworld, where I was cursed with this.” He uncovers his arms, to reveal black demon markings from his shoulders to his wrists. The sign on his hands meant ‘dark power'. “I don’t use this form for evil. It activates itself when I get mad.”

    “Wait do you mean this amulet?” I uncover the purple amulet from my neck as it starts to glow brightly. “Woah. Its never done that before.”

    “How long have you had that and who gave it to you?”

    “That boy gave it to me 2 years ago. I’ve had it ever since and have never took it off. Soon after the King banished me, he locked me in the Underworld as well. So I’m kinda like you except my hand symbol, means dangerous and deadly.” I show him my dark blue markings and symbol.

    “What was the Queen’s name of who took care of you?”

    “Her name was Zoey, and her husband, the King, was Luke.”

    “My parents...,” He says to himself quietly.

    “Are you okay, Shad?”

    “Y-ya, I-I’m gonna go get some fresh air. You need to get some sleep.” I watch him leave and go onto the ledge. After thinking it through, I head out there as well and sit down beside him.

    “What are you doing out here, Phee?”

    “I couldn’t sleep. Now, what’s really going on?”

    “My mother...was killed...RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME!!!” He starts clenching his fists as his eyes turn red. “And it’s all because of my father!”

    “Calm down, just down to me. I’m here for you, Shad, my old best friend.”

    “I-I’m trying to regain control.” I know love is dead to me, but he needs help, this is the only time I’m doing this.

    “Can I help?” Nervously, I reach over and hug him tightly. Scared he would freak out, I began to pull away, but surprisingly, he tried to drag me back to him. Regrettingly, I hugged him again and held on this time.

    “How do you feel now?”

    “I feel calm and comforted. Wait, why do I even feel this way? Love or anything like this has always deceived me.”

    “Same here. This feels different, but I think it’s just a coincidence.”

    “Maybe so, let’s find out.” He leans in, but being me, I back away.


“I-I can’t, I don’t wanna lose everything again and be broken more than I already am. I-I’m sorry.”

“It’s alright. Maybe in time. Ready to go in the morning?”

“I guess, its just...when we go, we pass by the old Dragon Drop. The one that burned into ashes.”

“Will you be okay to go?”

“Yes. Come on, let’s get some rest. We has a big day tomorrow.” I get up and head inside, then with sleepy eyes, I lay down in a corner and drift off to sleep. Shadow stands against the wall and keeps watch, When I wake up, he’s asleep outside, so I go gather more apples. Shad is still asleep when I got back, so I toss an apple at him. It lands between his legs, by his torso, which I think hurt pretty, because when it landed, he shot up in pain, holding where the apple hit him. I couldn’t help it, I started laughing quietly. He just looks at me, like I did something mischievous to him.

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