The Mystics

Life wasn’t so easy for me. Especially, when everything you had or loved...was gone...forever. Oh sure, my life was just fine before, but what if the family you loved so dearly, and so much care for, your loving younger brother that always looked up to you and worried about you every time you’d leave; what if it was all gone, in an instant. Nothing’s the same anymore. Everything has changed...for good. Now that life’s taken its turn. There’s no turning back now. Love sickens me, or so I thought. The last time I opened up my heart and let my guard down, love left me in the shadows. I don’t feel anything anymore. All that’s in my heart now, is anger and hatred.


6. Life or Death


When I wake up, I’m tied up to a throne-like chair with a barrier around it. “Let me go!”


“Never! You can’t make me!”

“MAYBE I CAN’T,BUT HE CAN! GENE, COME OUT HERE!!!” My brother comes into the room and looks dark and possessed.

“Hello sister. Come here to join me?”

“Gene, y-you’re dead, this isn’t you! What happened to you?”

“I became strong and I feel better than ever. Come with me, it’ll relieve everything. You won’t ever be hurt again. Even the thought of Mom can’t bother you anymore.”

“NO! I will never follow you. Please brother, be yourself. This isn’t you.”

“I am myself, I’ve been this way forever, Phoenix. And now, it’s your turn to become your true form.”

“Never! I will never be like you.”

“Either you follow under my order, or he dies!” Gene shows an air image of Shadow.

“No! Please don’t hurt him!”

“Then join me. You’re under my control now.”

“Yes master.” I turn into my demon form.

“Hades, we have a new member.”


“Yes sire!”

“What is your first task, Master Gene?”

“Go to the Overworld, and kill your precious Shadow.”

“Y-yes master...” I hurry to the portal solemnly, wanting to cry. What have I done? I did this to protect him, but I end up having the task to kill him. Why? This is nuts. When I get to the house and into the bedroom, I step in the doorway.

“Phoenix, I have been so worried about you… What happened to you?” Shadow feels my arms and looks into my eyes.

I try to tell him, but I just start bursting into tears, “I-I can’t do it...”

“Come here. Please tell me what’s wrong? Where have you been?”

“Yesterday, the portal had an explosion and I jumped in. In order to protect you, I turned this way and they sent me here to kill you. I was unarmed down there, so I had no other choice. Now I don’t know what to do.” My tears go full force as I held onto Shadow tighter.

“Why didn’t you tell me before? I would have helped you, Phee.” He looks at me seriously and rubs my back. I can’t even look at him in the eyes.

“I thought you were mad at me from yesterday, and figured you wouldn’t care. So I just headed by myself; no weapons or armor. I’m so sorry, Shadow.”

“It’s okay. And I would always help you; I was never mad at you in the first place. But, first things first, we need to defeat Hades and I’m sorry to say this, but Gene.”

“Let’s do it. Come on.” We grab our weapons and gear, then head into the portal. “But, how exactly will we do this exactly?”

“Well, if you think you can, would you be able to go after Gene, while I take care of Hades?”

“I can do that.” With everything ready, Shadow and I head into the Underworld.


“Yes master…? Oh hello sister, I see you disobeyed me! And for that, you shall DIE!!!”

“No, you will!” I charge at him with my sword, but he’s too fast. Gene strikes me in my side and pushes me against the a wall, hard. “Ugh...”

“Give in sis, no use, you can’t beat me.”

“I will never give up!” Struggling to get up, I manage to throw an instant death dagger at his stomach.

“You shouldn’t have done that.” Right before my eyes, my dear old brother I once knew, was know a huge monster.

“No, this can’t be. Gene, what you doing!?”

“What I’ve been tasked to do with for three years! Now it’s time to end your life!” He throws some kind of poison dagger at my chest, as everything grows dark and I’m out cold. The thing I hear is Shadow yelling my name before my body shuts down.

After I guess was about eight hours, I hear Shadow talking to me, but I can’t open my eyes or move.

“Phee, please wake up. Everything is okay now. Hades and Gene are dead. I’m not gonna leave you. Just please, please be okay. I-I love you.” I feel him rubbing my arms, but I still can’t move. Before I know it however, I was able to open my eyes again. They flutter open as I catch my breath. “Phoenix! You’re awake! How are you feeling?”

“I-I feel, weak and in pain. The last thing I remember, is that Gene hit me with some kind of dagger and I was out cold.”

“He did. Luckily, you’re still okay, you could’ve died. And he slashed your side pretty good, but it’s bandaged now.”

“Thanks for saving me, Shadow.”

“Of course. I would be lost without you. I-I love you, Phee.”

“I-I love you too, Shadow.”

“Heh. Garroth, my real name, is Garroth.” I smile at the remembrance of that name. It feels so good to know my friend again. Hopefully, we’ll go on another adventure, as soon as I heal. The gash in my side stings and my head is killing me.

“I remember that name. I missed you, Garroth.” Happily, I slowly reach up and hug him, trying not to wince in pain.

“Phee, you need to lie down. Take it easy for awhile, please. I’ll get you something to eat, just please be careful when moving around. I’ll be back.” He left the room quickly, and fixed some warm soup, then came back in. “Here you go.”

I sip the nice warm soup and put the bowl down. “Thanks, Garroth. Hey, do you wanna lay down with me?”

“Sure.” Garroth comes behind me in the bed and and puts his arms gently around my waist.

“This is so much better.” I sigh happily as the warmth from his firm, muscular arms wrapped around me.

“I wish I could say the same thing, but not without doing this first.” He turns me around and kisses me passionately. His lips land on my neck softly, as I smile.

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