"I can taste her lipstick. It's like i'm kissing her too, she's perfect.."


8. Chapter 6

Louis' POV

"You're what?"

He shakes his head and quickly kisses my head. "I have to go Lou. I'm gonna be late." He smiles and walks out the door shutting it behind himself. I huff and walk into the kitchen. "He left me to clean up.." I grab the broom and dustpan walking back into the kitchen. After sweeping the floors, I sit down at the island and sigh.

If he's going to talk to Harry, it's unlikely they're chatting about the weather. My phone vibrates against the marble counters. 

I look at the caller ID. "Harry..?" I pick it up and sigh. "Harry, what are you doing?" I ask annoyed. 

"Zayn wants to talk to me. You told him?" My eyes widen. "Um. Yes?"  I bit my lip anxiously. "What am I supposed to do when he comes to beat my ass?" I groan realising Zayn's motive. "Of course he wants to fight you. Well.. Could you just-"

"I'm going to fight back Louis." I sigh and put the phone on speaker. "Maybe I could call Zayn? We could three-way and you don't have to-" 

"Lou! Stop it!" He raises his voice. He sighs as I whimper softly. "I'm sorry Louis. I just don't understand why he's starting a fight.."

"You know exactly why. You shouldn't have hit me.."

He groans in annoyance. "Yes, I know. I've apologised Louis.."

"After breaking a promise like that? The fact that you ever hit me should have told me not to want you."

"Lou, I-"

"Forget it, Harry. You deserve to get your ass beat. After all that you've done to me.." Harry hangs up abruptly and I sigh. My phone rings again and I gasp quietly. "Blocked number..?" I answer it and stay silent. The other line stays silent as well.


"I told you to stay away. You scrawny little twat. Now you'll get what's coming to you. Watch your back." The line goes dead..

Tears form in my eyes as start to dial Zayn's number. 

It rings. Rings... Rings. No answer. I call again. No answer.

I start to sob and dial the last person I should've.  

Ring.. Ring... Ring..

"Louis?" His raspy voice says.

"Harry.. She's after me. I can't do this.." He realises the situation and huffs. 

"Alright, Lou listen. You can do this.. Don't panic." 

I start to hyperventilate and my sight blurs. "Haz, I can't. I-I can'" 

"Fuck.. Lou? I'm coming, okay? Sit tight. Please."  Tears flow from my eyes.  'You deserve this. This is your fault.'

I slowly sink down to the ground and pull my knees to my chest. 'You caused this mess.'

"Lou? Louis?" Harry calls from the other line.  As tears fall down my cheeks I slowly stand and hold the phone in my hand.

"Harry?" I hear the car's soft motor hum as he drives. I'm gonna miss that noise..

"Louis? Don't hang up. I'm on my way. You're strong, okay? Stay strong for me Lou.." I shake my head and bite my lip holding back sobs. 

"I'm so sorry, Hazza. I love you." I set the phone down and walk upstairs.

'If you weren't here, there wouldn't be any problems. They would all be solved.'  I nod to myself and walk into the bathroom. I open the medicine cabinet and grab a bottle of oxycodone.

Haven't seen these since 10th grade. I feel adrenaline rushing through my veins. I open the cap and pour a couple in my hand. 'Four? You coward. That won't do shit.' 

I pour four more into my hand and bite my lip anxiously. I put them all in my mouth and grab a nearby cup filling it with water. I swallow all eight pills, coughing slightly. I slowly walk downstairs and sit on the living room sofa. 'This is the best solution. You're helping everyone.'  

Harry's POV

"Fuck...Louis? Please be alright. I need you." I park in front of his house and rush inside. "Louis!? Lou!? Lou, where are y-" I hear a small gurgling sound. I look around and start to breathe harshly. "Louis, don't fucking do this to me. Please, I-I can't do this without you. I need you. I lo-" He lies on the ground. Surrounded by his own vomit.. 

Tears pour out my eyes as I rush to his side. I let out sobs and hold him in my arms. He lets out a small breath as I quickly call an ambulance. 'You've called 999. What's your emergency'


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