"I can taste her lipstick. It's like i'm kissing her too, she's perfect.."


7. Chapter 5

Louis' POV

I wake up, slowly opening my eyes. I look over at my alarm clock. 9:00am.. I get out of bed making my way to the bathroom. I turn on the shower water and take off my pj's. I hop into the shower and instantly relax. I'm very tense in the morning. My mind wanders to Harry... He really hit me again. That one night, he promised. He would never hit me again. we are. A very pissed off Zayn. I slowly wash my body, still in deep thought. As the water slowly gets colder I step out, turning off the water. I wrap my cream coloured towel around my waist.

I run my fingers through my soaked hair before wiping the fog off my mirror. "Hideous, Disgusting, Unworthy." Words. Horrid words dwindle in my mind. Whilst brushing my teeth as well... I step out the bathroom, the remaining steam rising into my bedroom. I open the dresser drawer pulling out my boxer-briefs and a big jumper. My eyes reach the pair of pink lace underwear... I bite my lip and huff closing the drawer. Won't be wearing those for a while. I walk downstairs and into the kitchen. Opening the fridge, I grab the milk, eggs, and butter. I set everything on the counter then open the above cupboards pulling out the flour and salt. 

I put the butter in the microwave, right before the doorbell rings. "One second!" I press the 30-second button to melt the butter, then rush to the door. I whisper to myself, "Fuck I'm not wearing pants." I huff and open the door hiding behind it. "Y-yes?" 

"Louis, open the door. What on earth are you doing?" Zayn says laughing softly. I press my lips together and sigh deeply. He raises a brow and pushes the door open, much to my dismay. He eyes my body silently, taking a deep breath. The microwave beeps, startling us both, as well as interrupting the quiet. "I-I should get that." 

He nods following me into the kitchen. I feel his eyes burning holes into my skin. "What're you cooking Lou?" I smile, thankful he didn't speak anything of my partial nudity...  "Pancakes. It's Harry's recipe. We both know, I'm no cook." We both share a laugh as he grabs a whisk, starting to mix in everything. 

Silence falls for a couple of minutes as we prepare to cook breakfast. "How's's your wrist?" I nod slowly and spray the pan with non-stick spray. "They're um..wrists." He frowns and stops mixing the batter. 

"Louis, you have to stop being so closed off. I'm trying to talk to you.."  I shake my head and step away from the counter. "It's fine. I'm gonna go find some trousers. Keep whisking, yeah?"

I walk out the kitchen and upstairs, to find some trousers. After a bit, I just pull on some sweatpants. Suddenly, I smell smoke and soon enough the fire alarm is wailing. I yell down to Zayn asking what happened. I run downstairs and see three pancakes in the kitchen sink, completely covered in soot.  I groan and look at him. "Zayn. You burned my breakfast." I laugh as he attempts to revive the destroyed pancakes. "I'm sorry Lou, I turned away for a second and they burnt just like that. I'll make some more?" I shake my head walking over to him. 

"It's fine Zayn. But could you turn off the alarm? My ears are ringing.." He laughs and grabs a step stool turning off the alarm. I smile and look up at him. He sticks out his tongue making me giggle. Stepping down from the stool he kisses my nose playfully. "Guess I'm eating cereal for breakfast." We share a laugh and grab cereal and a bowl. I pour my cereal into my bowl and look over to Zayn. As he's pouring himself a bowl he turns to me and smiles. He grabs a handful of cereal and chucks it at me.

I giggle and run around the kitchen dodging the mini marshmallow cereals. I grab a handful of cereal and throw it at him failing miserably... He laughs and runs toward me laughing with cereal in his hand. He holds me in his arms ruffling my hair. I laugh and attempt to break free from his grip. The laughter slowly dies down as he stares into my eyes. I stare into his beautiful golden eyes and smile. 

"You mean so much to me. You know that, right?" I nod as he smiles and gently kisses me. I feel my stomach in knots again. How is it possible to feel such a thing..? To feel so..Carefree. And lifted. 

Zayn suddenly stops and pulls away from the warm embrace. "Zayn?" He huffs and grabs his phone walking out the kitchen. "Zayn! What the hell?!" He turns to me and gives and apologetic smile. 

"I'm sorry Lou. I forgot to tell you. I made plans.." My heart drops as well as my mood... 

"W-with who..?" His face falls and goes pale. 

"I'm gonna go talk to Harry."

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