"I can taste her lipstick. It's like i'm kissing her too, she's perfect.."


5. Chapter 3


**2 Weeks Later**
Louis' POV
I look at my phone waiting for him to call. I ran into Harry at the pharmacy. I was buying bandages for my wrist. Of course, Harry being himself he basically pissed himself when he saw what I was purchasing. So many questions... I simply rushed out the store. He said he would call. I sigh and fall back onto my bed. It's happening all over again. I'm sitting in front of my phone, waiting for him to call. I throw the phone at the wall and groan angrily. The phone rings, vibrating the floor. I walk over to the phone and answer it. 
"Lou..?" His raspy, yet soft voice answers.
"Haz.." Silence slowly creeps in as neither of us dares to speak. 
"..Can you please tell me what happened. Please?" I exhale slowly, trying not to cry. 
"You only wanted me for the sex... I was nothing to you."
"Louis! What are you on about? I loved you! You know that.." I shake my head, the familiar feeling in my stomach rising.

"No. Apparently, you belong to her. And I would only steal you. Me, being the ugly ass skeleton that I am."
I hear him scoff harshly. "You believe her lies!? She wants nothing but to hurt you!"
"Then, why are you with her!?"
"Because I'm lying to myself, okay?! I-I'm myself."
"What..?" I sit on the bed slowly. 
"I don't love her.. I don't want her."
"Louis, I want you. I'm sorry. I should have said something. It's been-"
"Why?" I cut off his words abruptly. "Give me one good reason, why."
He sighs and silence falls for a couple minutes.
"Because we're us. We fell, a couple times. But we always got back up. We always got better."
I sigh and glare at my wrist. At this rate, they'll never heal.

"Slapping a band-aid on something doesn't make it instantly better. It doesn't instantly heal."
"I-I don't.."
"You don't what? You don't understand? Neither do I, Harry!"
"Louis! Why!?"
I choke out a sob. "Because I hate you! I hate what you do to me! I hate the effect you have on my life. I hate how you make me feel. How you make me smile, yet cry. It doesn't make any sense. You shouldn't be able to-to do that to me."

He says nothing... I bite my lip anxiously. "H-Hazza? Are you there?"
"I-uh, yeah. Is-is that true..?"
I hum a yes and sigh.  "Are we going to be okay Harry?"
"Of course. We're us."
I huff and tell him I have to go. We give our goodbyes and hang up. My phone rings instantly after I set it down. I groan and lie down, ignoring it.

I look around the room slowly. The voices flood my thoughts. 
Tears stream down my face as I realize what's happening. I'm stuck in his trap. Again..
I hear a knock on the door downstairs. I sigh and slowly make my way down the stairs. I open the door slowly and groan in annoyance. 
"Zayn... I don't feel like talking right now."
He huffs and lets himself in. I close the door and sit down on the sofa. 
"We don't have to talk then, Lou. I just wanna spend time with you. We've been so distant." He seats himself next to me. 

I roll my eyes and scoot, farther from him. 
"For a reason, Zayn." He moves closer, again trapping me between the arm, and himself.
"Louis, please talk to me." I glare at him angrily. 
"Why, Zayn!? Why would I talk to you? You ruined everything. You can't just waltz in and say you love me!"
"I could have lied to you! I could have said nothing! Don't be a prick just because you hate the truth!"
"I do not!"
"Really? You hate how Harry actually has a girlfriend. You hate how she's actually with him, and all you can do is fantasize." My face falls and I fall back into the seat. 
"You're right.. I can't do anything." He stares at me, his expression softening. He tries to comfort me. 

"Louis, I didn't mean to- I-I'm so sorry Lou. I-" I shake my head telling him to stop talking. He quiets down and breathes shakily. I turn to him and look into his eyes. "Zayn. I love you. I honestly do. But you're too close to me. If something were to happen-"
"We could work through it."
I shake my head and hold hand to his face. "No.. We couldn't. I'm too stubborn. As are you. Along with other problems. I'm sorry." He nods and leans back, my hand leaving his warm skin.
"C'mere." He says softly. I move closer and he pulls me to him. I lay my head on his chest, listening to his heartbeat. I feel my eyes well up with tears. "I missed you." He says into my hair. 
I breathe in, taking in his scent. I smile slightly remembering the scent vividly. "Light Blue... I thought you would've used it all."

I hear him chuckle as he runs his fingers through my hair. "I savor your gifts. Just like that antique necklace." I sit up so I could see his face. "You remember that? W-Wait you still have it?" He nods and kisses my head. I feel my cheeks heat up as he smiles.  I lay back down on his chest. 
“So, we’re okay?” He whispers, stroking my back, gently.
I hum a yes and close my eyes. 
“You sleepy, Loubear?” A smile creeps onto my face. That’s what he used to call me when we were younger. “I always loved that name..” 

He chuckles and pats my head. “Yeah, I know.” We talk more about things. I told him about Harry and everything. After about an hour I slowly fall into a deep sleep...

I wake up to the door bell ringing profusely. I slowly get up, not wanting to wake Zayn. I rub my eye, stumbling toward the door. I open it slowly, now getting my vision back. I step back and look slightly above me. 
“Harry..” I look at him and just..stare. “Harry, why are you here?”
“I know I shouldn’t be here, I’m sorry I just needed to talk to you.” I roll my eyes and open to door wider, letting him in. 

“About what?” I close the door slowly, so Zayn doesn’t wake up. Harry eyes the couch, seeing Zayn asleep. He gives me an uncertain look.
I nod and gesture to the kitchen. “You’re welcome to grab something. It’ll just be a minute.” He nods and walks into the kitchen. I watch the kitchen door, swing back and forth a couple times. I sit next to Zayn, before gently nudging him awake. After, a bit he wakes up and I smile. 
“You’re so cute when you’re groggy..” I whisper to myself, and apparently him.  He rubs his eyes and sits up. "What's up Loubear?" I sigh and run a finger through his messy hair. 

"Harry's here." He completely wakes up and looks to the kitchen. 


"Why?" He looks back to me and I look down. "Lou." He pulls my head up and gives a concerned look.

"He just wants to talk." He exhales heavily and nods. Stroking my cheek, gently he looks into my eyes. He gently kisses my lips, then pulls away. "Call if you need anything okay?" I nod, not trusting my voice to sound normal. 

He grabs his phone and jacket and stands. "Promise..?" He runs a hand through my hair, looking down at me.

"I promise, Zayn." He nods and kisses my head.


"See you Loubear." I smile at the nickname, the blush still prominent on my face.

"Bye, Zayn." I watch, as he leaves closing the door behind him. I then turn to the kitchen and sigh heavily. Now, for this 'talk' Harry wants to have.

I walk into the kitchen, Harry eating a banana looks with concern. "Are you alright?" 

I look at him confusedly but realize what he's on about. "Your face is- its all blushed. Are you-" He stops, realizing his words. "Oh.. Well um. We need to talk." He sets down his snack and moves slightly closer.

"I left her." 




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