"I can taste her lipstick. It's like i'm kissing her too, she's perfect.."


2. Chapter 1

I walk downstairs with my pen and notebook in my hand. I decided to eat lunch since I skipped breakfast. I look down at my thinning body and sigh. She doesn't look like a twig. She has all the right curves. And she has tits. I groan as I search my cupboards for something to eat. I notice a note on the fridge and grasp it. "Reminder. Go to the store." Stupid. I facepalm myself and walk into the front room. I grab my coat pulling it over my slender shoulders and grab my keys off the hook. I pull the door open and walk to my car. Where I live is pretty mainstream. It's one of those places with condos and there's another right across the street.  My phone rings and I answer it. "Ello' mate! What's happenin with you?" I hear Zayn's comforting chill voice. "Uh nothin' much mate. On my way to the store is all."

I hear him sigh as I sit in my car and start the engine. "Is that all?"  I shake my head but realize he can't see me. "He called me again." I exhale and pull out of the driveway. I set the phone down on the ash tray and put it on speaker. "So what'd he say?"  I explain that we didn't get to talk because she interrupted the call. He says he'll meet me at the market so he can help me shop. "I don't need help shopping Zayn."  I roll my eyes. He's way too over-protective, much like a brother. "I just need to watch you. Never know what you're gonna buy y'know? I'm worried about you mate-." 

"I'm fine! I don't need you looking after me like i'm a child." I groan in annoyance. He huffs and replies quickly. "You need to stop acting like one then! I'm making sure you don't go off and kill yourself mate! I care too much to let you do that. Please, just let me help you." I sigh and agree to meet him at the market. 

As i'm driving a three minute drive to the market I pass a car. A black aston martin. Matte. I sigh and shake my head. Of all days to go shopping at Greg's he chose today. I step out of my car and enter the market. I see him in the 'Hair and Body care' isle. I need new shampoo..  I decide to walk into the aisle. I just need to get a bottle and walk away. It's not like he'll notice me anyways. I walk past him and grab a bottle of 'Aussie' shampoo. As i'm walking away my shopping basket nudges his bum. He gasps and turns around quickly. I make an attempt to walk away before he recognizes me, but it's no use. "Louis!" I slowly turn toward him. "Yes..Harry?"  I quickly pull down my sleeves when his eyes go to my forearm. "Louis! You lied to me.." I shake my head. "I..I was only trying to-"

"Trying to what? Push me away again? I'm reaching out to you Louis!" Tears come to my eyes as I see the hurt in his. He walks closer and stands in front of me. I put my head down and let my tears fall. "You aren't supposed to. This isn't supposed to happen. That is what you said isn't it?" I start to feel my pressure rise, and my patience lower.  "That's not fair. You know I didn't mean that."  I sigh and look into his eyes. "But didn't you? If you didn't then why is she in the equation?"  He takes my forearm in his hands and glares at the incisions. "Lou. These are really deep, why didn't you treat them?" His eyes read concern and pain.

At that moment I no longer cared for her for a second.  I shake my head and pull my arms away. His fingertips graze the wounds causing me to wince. "Let me help you. Please Lou." I look glance over his shoulder and she is standing there. I back away, my eyes locked on her. He turns his head slightly and sees her. His eyes fall back down to me. "I'll text you okay..?" I just nod giving into him and he sighs. He kisses my forehead and walks over to her.  My stomach flutters and I attempt to shake the feeling. I walk over to a confused looking Zayn and smile weakly. He smiles and we walk over to a cashier counter.  "Was that Harry?" He asks me. I nod and sigh.

"I feel like i'm falling all over again. I just can't help it and I feel like an idiot and he-"

"Shhh. It's alright. You're not an idiot. Let's just get you out of here yeah?"  I nod as we finish cashing out. We walk out and Zayn says he'll drive to my house and stay for a bit. Hopefully, it'l get my mind off of Harry..

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