NightShadeCreepypasta's Covers, Previews & More!

In need of a cover for your story? A preview picture for your upcoming story? Or maybe a picture for your profile? Look no further, I'm up for the challenge! [currently: OPEN]


1. Info & Examples

First off, rules:

1. Nothing offensive. No racist, sexist, homophobic, or any other form of phrase or name calling will be tolerated here. There will be no exceptions.

2. Nothing sexually explicit/containing mature language. Yeah, I swear from time to time too, but if something you request has a curse in it I will replace one of the letters with a '*' for younger members of the site. For example; sh*t. As for the sexually explicit stuff, I won't ever do anything containing that, this is a writing site, not an 'adult film' site.

3. Don't hate me if I can't get to your request right away, I do occasionally leave my laptop. When you do receive your request, please credit me in some way (in you bio for profile pics, mumbles for previews, blurbs for covers, or any other way you can think of)




For a cover:

Title: (For example, Lies)

Author (please specify if you want it on the cover): (NightshadeCreepypasa)

Blurb and/or summary of the story: (Do lies breed misfortune, or does misfortune breed lies? When your life is a tangled labyrinth of the two, how can you tell?)

Ideas: (dark, similar to the Fortunes cover)

Quotes and/or images (optional): (N/A)


(That last one's not published yet, but it's been in the works for a while)



Title: (Lies)

Author (optional): (NightshadeCreepypasa)

Estimated Release Date (optional): (Nov, 13, 2016)

Quote/short blurb (optional): (Do lies breed misfortune, or does misfortune breed lies?)

Ideas/Images you want: (creepy, dark)



Profile Picture:

User/Pen name: (NightshadeCreepypasa)

Ideas/images/quotes: (Something from a musical)

Something about you (optional): (likes creepy things, rainbows, super heroes and musicals)




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