The boy of her nightmares


2. prologue - t h e n i g h t m a r e

« On my way back home, everything was going fine,normal. I was sitting in my car,driving home. But that wasn't the problem.

I arrived home safely, greeted my mother, ate dinner, and got to my room to sleep. This is when things got clunky.

I was reading on my phone, silently, and my room was in a complete-yet creepy-silence. I heard a little move and I looked forward,there was nothing, or no one. I looked left then right, an shook my head. I was just being paranoid.

I was wrong because the second I put my eyes on my phone, someone, well some invisible power hold me against the wall, holding tight my neck. I couldn't breathe, and put my hands on my neck.

- Please,whatever you are, whoever you are, please, leave me. Please, I'm begging you, let me go. I said in a barely hearable voice.

I started crying, and oxygen started missing in my lungs, when the «invisible» thing finally lost her grip on me. I took a deep breath and looked forward to find a boy, a totally creepy and weird guy. He was like my age, and he had black marks all around his eyes. He was scaring me, with that smirk on his face, literally.

- Watch out. He said smiling. Next time I won't be so clement. He finished.

I closed my eyes shaking, when I opened them he was right in front of my face, then he disappeared.»

I woke up with a scream. My mom wasn't here because she had some dinner with some man who asked her on a date. Whatever.

- Calm down Addy, it was just a dream. I say to myself.

- Yeah, it was just a dream, but dang it ! It felt so real. I respond to myself.

Yeah, I was weird. And a lot of people are thinking that I'm not alone in my head, thing that might be true. I started laughing loudly. The reason why I'm laughing ? I'm making fun of myself because seconds before I was clearly childish.

- Yeah, let's get back to sleep. Hope I wouldn't dream about that boy again, even if he was a true hotness.

Hey guys so this is the prologue and clearly I'm new here and this is my first story on this platform. I also wanna add that english is not my first language so you might find a lot of disturbing mistakes and stuff but just din't be rude about it okay,thank you.

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