A fairytale. I guess


2. Prolog







A very long time ago, the Moon once told, that every aspect of our lives, and every drop of emotion, and every thought and every action, is controlled by 9 entities. It said, that our lives are not our own, but that they are owned by these forces that no one could see. These entities are, to us, known as the nine Mothers. They all influence our lives in different aspects and ways. If one would become missing, the rest would lose meaning, and eventually, bring the world to collapse.


And the Listener of the Moon heard it, and he believed it, but he refused to accept this truth that the moon brought. He shared this knowledge with the world, and offered a solution. A chance to gain freedom. He waited for 13 full moons, and after that, he waited for 13 more. And at the beginning of the 14’th full moon, he ventured into the great mist. Not a sound, nor a sight, came from the grey cover for a very long time. And while none alive knows anything of what happened in hide of the clouds of the earth, the Listener of the Moon was not the same when he came back. And neither was the world.

Immortality became mortality, power became thought and indigo became grey.


It has been a long time since that day. And we have watched the world for just as long as we have waited. We have listened to the breeze around us, and felt the formation of the mud below us. And the sensations are foretelling, that soon, our waiting will come to an end.



He is still hunting. But the hunt is no longer his alone.

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