The Forest

A heart-wrenching tale about a little boy and the person he looks up to, his older brother, remembering back on the highlight of his life, his first adventure into the forest.


1. The Forest



I remember when we were kids,

and you took me to the forest.

The birds were chirping loudly;

The golden winter rays beating down on us.

Leaves and twigs crunched under our boots,

The butt of our guns dragging on the ground behind.

Hours had passed,

Then I saw it.

The white-tailed deer hiding in the trees.

I reacted quickly,

Sending the bullet flying into the beast.

A thump of death.

My first kill.

Your playful catcalls enveloping me in a cloud of memories.


The happiness that flooded my heart then is


That moment has lost its meaning.

The bond that we shared,

has suddenly been ripped apart.

You have fallen,

But I have shattered.

Part of me is broken,

Never to be repaired.


The black cloth covering my body;

The sullen trumpets blaring out their song.

Birds perched on branches in wait of the horrible good-bye..

Everyone’s eyes on the tiny urn up in front.

All of this reminds me of you.

And as we send you flying into the wind,

I refuse to believe.

So instead I remind myself of when we were kids

And you took me to the forest.

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