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"I knew I was in love when I looked into his eyes and even though I had never liked brown eyes before, his eyes were my new favorite color." After heartbreak after heartbreak I somehow found love with a boy I knew for years yet refused to fall for. We decided to keep our relationship a secret.


1. how it all began

I knew I was in love when I looked into his eyes and even though I had never liked brown eyes before, his eyes were my new favorite color. These were my favorite moments, waking up in his dorm room wrapped in his arms and feeling his soft lips kiss my check as his thumb drew hearts on my back. I was contempt living in this moment for the rest of my life. It's funny how the way life works out, how a stranger can turn into the your love and your everything so quickly. 

I should start our story with how it all began...

We went to the same high school, Nate was your typical douchey hockey player with the slicked back flow and cocky asshole attitude. In a school with over 4,000 kids it is hard to know every single student. In our four years and Ridgemen High School we never said one word to each other. I knew his name and face by association and he barely knew I existed. We shared the same mutual friend, Sasha, who attended our rival school Highnsmen High School. Sasha was all for any boy who played hockey so it was just natural to us when she started hanging around these new boy who played hockey. Sasha and I were close back in high school and we told each other everything. She would go on and on for hours telling me all about Nate, every fight they had, every thing they did when they hung out, all about his hockey games, and how adorable his little brother is. My friends and I hated Nate. Ok we didn't hate his but every time Sasha mentioned his name we would all roll our eyes and begin to zone out and she went on and on about how he hurt her in some way. 

Here's the thing Nate was the typical douchey hockey player so we weren't surprised when he constantly started drama with her and was constantly breaking her heart. We tried to pull her away from him but she wouldn't back away so eventually we gave up. I actually meet Nate for the first time when she invited him to her prom and I stopped by for pictures. I introduced myself and barely got a head nod from him. That asshole. Eventually after graduation Sasha and Nate's friendship began to fade and Nate was dating another girl who did not get along with Sasha what so ever and Sasha went on to date another guy and our friends all cheered when we realized we may never have to hear another story about how terrible Nate is again.

I was a typical high school girl who worked hard to get good grades, had a bunch of extra curricular activities, and a job at a local sub shop. Relationships were never something I put a lot of focus on, I was far too busy to be thinking about the schedule of another person. Yeah I liked a few boys and a few boys liked me but I never found someone who interested me. In college I flirted with some boys but nothing ever too serious. 

"What do you want to do for breakfast?" Nate whispered in my ear. I loved his morning voice. If I were to tell myself 5 years ago that I would end up dating Nate, I would laugh so hard at the idea of us even being together. Yet here we are. 



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