Together Forever - A Mansion in the Woods

It all started with a simple text message from an unknown number- but, unknowingly to the participants of this gruesome, twisted game, it was the harbinger of their terror.

WARNING: Rating may change later. (LOL it definitely will.)


1. adventure

~~Aaaaahhh! I screamed. It all began on Thursday the 12th, I woke up from a terrifying dream. It was only 7:15 am in the morning. I jumped out of bed and walked slowly over to my computer, finding an email. I opened up my computer and there was an unknown person texting me saying tomorrow is Halloween which is Friday the 13th and he said you and your friends better be careful or watch out. (A few hours later) I got a new message from an unknown number which was from the same guy, the message said me, my friend’s family better watch out otherwise something bad will happen to every single one of you. So I grabbed my coat and umbrella and ran down to the police station, I approached one of the police officers and ask if they could track down the unknown number. As soon as they found who it was they located the man’s profile it was guy where as I wasn’t surprised. His name was jack and it said he was a serial killer. I left the station and ran too tell my friends. It was like he was watching us. When I told my friends I decided to show them my text messages I got from Jack. So when they saw the messages and they freaked out and they got creepy messages saying hi I’m a serial killer my name is jack you’re in danger. They were wondering what the messages were and so they thought I knew.

So the girls and I were sitting down at morning tea and we were all scared Ah!! What are we going to do? So I said why don’t we all just calm down, so they said well we can’t because we were getting messages from a boy named jack and we don’t even know who he was and we are so scared so should you be. Ok guys I get it, but we should just go to class and relax we are all ok because we are all under supervision by the teachers. Ok I guess. (So a few minutes later) my friends and I were walking down the hall and we saw a knife with a note on it saying (Jack’s point of view) “you better watch out otherwise I will get something and hurt you guys”. (My friend’s point of view) Guys what are we going to do it’s like we are being haunted. (My point of view) don’t worry if you are scared just text me in class or at least email me if something goes wrong ok. So they all listened to my idea all we did is try to forget about it and try just focus on our work. So when we were in class which was cool because in that session we were all in the same class. So we were working for a while until for some weird reason the 5 of us saw the police coming to the school and questioning 5 in each class but we didn’t what about. So the police finally came to our class looking angry and she asked the teacher saying “can I please speak to those 5 girls in your class over their”. “Ok sure girls come on the police wants to ask you some questions”.




We arrived at the police station, Paige was a little bit freaked out thinking it was a bad idea that they ever told the police about the messages on her phone so did the other girls and so they were really worried. So they asked the police lady what was going on and she said I just want to ask a few questions about a stalker that’s been following us. The police lady explained how rosewood has been in danger for 13 years. “Ladies I’m just going to call up your parents, its best if we explain all this together”. The police officer walked out. “Guys I’m really worried, this is really bad” said Paige. “I know” said Salma. The police officer came back and told us how our parents were on there way. “Guys we need to get out of here” said Paige. We needed a plan, if jack ever found out that I ever showed the messages to the police. We needed help. “GUYS I HAVE A PLAN!” Paige shouted. I jumped up with excitement and joy. There’s a window right over there that was our perfect escape. “What a perfect idea” said Salma? The parents finally came to the police station and the lady got them to all come to the room where we were in and they couldn’t find us in the room the police officer got very suspicious. Just then she noticed the window was wide opened and asked for a lockdown. So the women from one of the police departments called all the police officers and asked to go for a search whatever it takes to find them.

“Guys run quickly!! We are going to get caught if we don’t keep running” said Salma. “Guys I’m so sorry we got caught up in this” cried Paige. We ran to the woods and hid among the flowing dark trees. When we continued to run we heard a siren going off continuously coming closer and getting louder. So the girls said to Paige that we really liked going on this adventure all together. Then we started hearing footsteps coming closer to us. So Paige said “maybe it is just animals”. Ok then we heard it again. Paige and the other girls heard the footsteps getting closer and coming to us. Paige said “I will go and check what is going on.    ” no Paige we will all come with you so we are all safe.” Thanks guys you are really kind”.  “No problem Paige.





So we were all continuously walking. Just then it was all quiet and we were all suspicious so we talked for a bit and said I wonder why it’s so quiet. The eerie silence haunted us while we were eating our food. So we heard a scream in the distance. Guys you heard that scream didn’t you? Yes we did do you think it’s someone getting hurt or got kidnapped? Just then we heard creepy singing coming from the distance like someone was in pain. “Guys I keep on wondering what those noises are don’t you”. “Yes we all do”. So we all we thinking maybe it’s just nothing and we were all imagining the noises. Which we found odd because every time we heard the same sound over and over coming every step closer to us which freaked us out. So we all wondering what we are going to do now.

So it was starting to become pitch black and we were all walking trying to find a spot to sleep for the night we it would be nice and warm. We were walking for a while and we stopped for a drink and we were sitting down for a bit because we were exhausted for walking for that long. So I said lets continue walking so we got up and walked and we were looking for a place and we found a place and I said I can’t wait because it has a fire and it looks like there is a very big tent for us to sleep in. so they said yeah oh I can’t wait to finally sleep. “Guys don’t you reckon that it is so quite here but I still can’t believe I am so tired and that we have walked so long. “I know”. Goodnight everyone have a good sleep. So everyone went to sleep for the whole night because we were so tired but suddenly we all heard a noise and we all woke each other up because we were worried about what was going to happen to us so we all rushed to help each other out with closing the tent so we would be safe but then again it would still be unsafe because it doesn’t unlock and we thought oh no what are we going to do now it still isn’t safe you guys. I know we aren’t safe out here because when we were walking we could

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