poetry from grade 6 (COMPETED)


14. cheerleading animals

cheer leading is a very fun and hard sport

but with animals it is extramly difficult 

you should be detemand to dedicat yourself 

Animals, animals where to begin, how to teach them?

oh i know! learn gymnastics than come to me.

it took so long, i tried counting days but i think it took them a year. 

finnaly they came back with a note to work out. 

so i sent them to work out

the cows mooed, the horses neyed, the snakes hissed, and the kangaroos hopped.

non of them would agree except the monkeys because every animal looked up to the monkeys so,

one by one they all went. 

after a week i was convinced they could never be fit, a note from there instructor came. "these animals are not trying to be cheer leaders, are they? so far it looks like they will never be fit!"

after a BIG, HUGE, LOUD, DISRUPTIVE animal fight....

moo moo hiss hiss neggg negg quack  quackkk

they all quit being cheer leaders, 

i really did feel sorry for them

oh well i guess there not like me,


i'm a tiger

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