Something Left Unwanted to be Heard - for the Poetry Writing Competition

For the Poetry Competition


1. Something Left Unwanted to be Heard

I've found my new obsession.

Smirk affixed to his face
with sarcastic remarks
and slippery words,

mysterious in that stupid
teenage way.

I'd kill to hear what he has to say
about the nonsensical bullshit
we're forced to endure
each day
that the government calls an

I'm sure
his opinions on how
we're taught to the standardized tests,
nothing more
and nothing less
could cause enough raw power
to run the whole of New York City
for a month.

Though, too, I'd kill to learn
the terrain of his lips
as our bodies 
against lockers,

oblivious classmates
a wall away
consumed by the 
world of geography,
missing out on something

He and I,
we'd know what more is,
we'd know how to consume it,
how to keep it at bay,
how to work it
like a hat,
a hate we aren't allowed to wear
at school.

We'd laugh at our own obscurity,
and shared secrets
would run through our veins
like blood,

one cut and it all spills

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