A collection of heartaches, healing, and hope.


6. I Am the Seeker

I am the mariner who seeks the Siren

For behind her song I see her tears

I am the hunter, following the banshee's cry

For it is not her screams but her woes I hear.


I am the man who pursues selkie's deception

For lies are wrought by a person torn

I am he who leans over naiad's hands

She who drowns is drowning in mourn


I am the man who bears no steel

For it burns the Faerie Kind

Who keep men captive in their caves

They of iron hearts I must find


I am the man who seeks the deceivers

For I was once deceived

I am the man who seeks betrayers

For I loved one who broke her creed


The lure of a song to hide a scream

A pretty face to mask a tear

An iron heart to deflect the past

A thousand lies woven with fear


And when she died of what she'd done

She begged of me with final breaths

Eyes haunted, showing the source of her act

To forgive her lies as she passed to death


Her sisters now I search to find

Those trapped in their grief and shame

To disentangle from their web

Of lies, to spare further pain


I am the man who seeks the liars.

For once I lost to a lie.

I am the man who seeks the wronged

At their pains no more shall die.

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