A collection of heartaches, healing, and hope.


5. Glass Glove

Dedicated to The Russian Genius. 


They call her a cynic,
If they get close enough to see her views.
She doesn't let them
Get close enough anymore.

A pessimist, they sniff
A realist, she argues.
She sees the world for what it is,
Clear as a glass globe.

She used to trust them,
Trust them with her thoughts,
Her deep feelings.
But they abused and mocked.

You only want to see the good, she sniffs back.
You hide the bad that's there
She sees the world as a glass globe
The kind, the cruel, the truth.

You're a cynic, dear.
You're a liar, she thinks.
Lies cannot hide behind glass.
She will not hide glass behind lies. 

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