A collection of heartaches, healing, and hope.


10. A Stained Glass Love (I and II)

A stained glass love

Distorted, deluded

But pretty all the same.


A stained glass love

Behind it the view did

Not shift its pain


A stained glass love

Only hides

It does not eradicate


A stained glass love

Only shrouds

It does not erase


A stained glass love

Is only a lie, only ornate

Behind, Life still keeps its pace







When does a stained glass love shatter?

I asked her, desperate.

When you drop it,

She replied.

Just like any other glass.


When you give up.

When you decide,

Hiding life

Seeing the pretty

Isn't worth holding it up.


Stained glass is heavy.

Is it worth what it gives?

A stained glass love only shatters when you drop it.

It seems we're far more eager

To drop it than we were before. 

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