Sometimes, I have to find a safe place.


1. Sometimes

I am in a cell. 
Sterile walls, 
Bright but confined, 
I like that. 
Some call it oppressive, 
But it is peace to fight my storm. 


I am in a bedroom. 
With white walls 
And curtains and quilts sewn with faded scraps. 
A spindly white bed, 
With the south outside. 
The sun spills onto the room. 
Dark floors. 
Ceiling fan. 
Birds calling. 
I like that too. 

I am by the sea. 
Waves sliding
And crashing into hard sand 
That leads up to soft dunes. 
I can hear the gulls,
Smell the wind, 
Feel the sky. 
While water shifts,
I am grounded. 
I like that. 

But mostly, 
It is you. 
In your arms, 
Safe against your body. 
It's not perfect. 
You aren't either. 
But you are what I need. 
You are warm. 
You are stronger than you think. 
Strong enough for me. 
You are safe. 
I like that most.

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