Take Your Time

Maxy is 16 and had a boyfriend named Jack. They broke up last week. Over TEXT. Maxy's really really mad and depressed so it seems like the perfect time for her best guy friend, Devon, to step in. He's liked her forever. But what happens when they start dating? What happens when Jack gets jelous and Maxy doesn't know what to do. She can't hurt her friendship with Devon but if she doesn't break this off, who knows what Jack will do?


2. What Happened last night..? Part 1



The memories started to flood back. Right after I had thrown my phone, I went downstairs and called Devon. I told him to come over and bring the wine with him. When he got here I told him about what happened. Then I got drunk, and I made Devon's wildest dreams come true. I mean, who can say they weren't mine but, haha. Ok let's get into the story.

-After the call-

I jumped out of bed and checked on my phone. It wasn't turning on anytime soon. I ran down the stairs quickly and very loudly because my parents were both on a "buisness trip". I called Devon. 

"Devon, Please come over!" I pleaded. "Jack broke up with me! Please bring me some wine? I need it."

"I'll be right there." and with that he hung up. I walked to the door and unlocked it then continued up to my room. I slammed my face into the bed. I heard the door open about 10 minutes later. 

"Maxy? You up there," There was a long pause of silence then the voice was outside my door.

"You decent?" It asked awkwardly.

"Yeah." I croaked back to him. "Come on in."

In walked Devon looking really nice with a box of chocolates and a bottle of wine. It was Chardone.

"I didn't ask for chocolates." I retorted. Then I felt bad and added, "Thanks anyway, though."

Devon walked in and sat down on the bed. He handed me the box of chocolates and then set the wine on my nightstand. He reached into the drawer and pulled out to glasses. He knew where I hid stuff from my parents. He took out the cork puller for the wine and poured to glasses after it was open. He handed me one.

"Thanks." I answered. I chugged the glass and felt the burning sensation travel down my throat. Just like my tears in my eyes.

"How did he break up with you?" Devon asked, curious.

"Text." I replied solumnly.

"Over freaking text!" Devon screamed. I nodded. "He's such an asshole! I can't believe you even dated him!"

I shrugged. It was true. I don't know how I never saw it. I handed him my cup again and he poured me another glass, then handed it back.

"Here. You need it." He explained as he gave it to me. I chugged the second one.

"Hey kid, maybe slow down on the drinks for a while." Devon tried to persuade me as I shoved the glass into his hand. I shook my head. I was going to drink all of my problems away.

"I don't care your not having anymore, Maxy" and with that he set the glass on the night stand. 

"No!" I practicly screamed. "I need more, Dev. Please. I'm not pretty, I just want to forget that I ever was."

"Your not pretty." Devon said with a straight face.

"What?" I whispered, my voice cracking.

"Your the most beautiful girl in the world, Maxy. You always will be. You will always be my favorite person in the whole world." He smiled. I don't know what made me do it. Maybe it was the alchohol or maybe I was caught up in the moment but suddenly my lips crashed into his in a lip-locking kiss. We kissed for like a minute before I pulled away.

Devon's eyes were as big as the moon.

"Y-you kissed me?" He asked, apparently confused.

"Uh, yeah. I guess that did happen." I said with a small chuckle. Devon stayed quiet for a second before saying,

"You need to forget about him, and I have a way to. If you don't want to we don't have to but," 

"I do." I said, knowing he meant sex. I'm pretty sure this time it was the alchohol but I jumped on top of him and kissed him. My hands went into his hair and his went down to my butt. We kissed for at least 5 minutes before he broke it.

"You really sure you want to? I don't want to push you." Devon tried to explain but I stuck my hand on his lips.

"Shh." I whispered to him. "You know you want it." 
I slowly slid down his legs to his belt and unbuckled it. I slowly slid down his pants to his knees and admired his Calvin Klein boxers.

"You like them?" He smirked. I nodded 'yes'. I continued to slide his boxers to his knees as his dick sprung out of it's case. I slid my hand up and down it and then stuck it in my mouth.

"Oh..." I heard him moan. I smirked. I picked up the pace and then deep throated. I felt something hot go into my mouth and I struggled to swallow it. He looked down at me.

"You okay down there?" he asked. I nodded once more and he pulled me up to him. He pulled my shirt up and stopped short.

"What?" I asked, confused.

"You really want this?" He asked.

"Yes!" I practically screamed at him.

"Ok..." He answered as he started to massage my breasts. 



So that's it for this chapter. Sorry if it's short, I suck at writing smut but the next one will include actual sex... :P

See ya all later,

-Willow <3

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