Take Your Time

Maxy is 16 and had a boyfriend named Jack. They broke up last week. Over TEXT. Maxy's really really mad and depressed so it seems like the perfect time for her best guy friend, Devon, to step in. He's liked her forever. But what happens when they start dating? What happens when Jack gets jelous and Maxy doesn't know what to do. She can't hurt her friendship with Devon but if she doesn't break this off, who knows what Jack will do?


1. The break up

I'm sitting in my bed, watching tv when my phone buzzes. I look down at it to see it saying, Jack: One new text.

I quickly pick it up and go to the text.

Jack: Hey, uh, Maxy? Can we talk?

What could he want to talk about?

Maxy: Yeah sure. What's up?

Jack: Uh... Listen. I don't think we....

Maxy: You don't think we can what, Jacky?

I'm really concerned now because I don't know what he's gonna say next.

Jack: Don't call me that.

I think I just felt my heart crack.

Maxy: Why...?

Jack: Maxy, we can't see each other anymore.

I start to stare at the screen as if my mind could break it. I feel the tears streaming down my face. I can't control what happens next.

Maxy: What the fuck is wrong with you? We've been together for 2 fucking years and this is how you repay me for everything I've done for you? 

Jack: I'm sorry. I just, I can't do...

Maxy: No, you know what? I'm sorry you Ass! I'm sorry you can't appreciate me for who I am and all I've ever done for you!

Jack: I need to call you now and tell you why.

Maxy: Don't you fucking dare call me! 

I type but don't send. He's already calling.

"UGH!" I scream and throw my phone. It hits the wall and the battery case flies off. I watch the battery fly one way and the case the other way. I don't go to get it. I slam my face into the pillow and cry myself to sleep.


-The next morning-

I wake up the next morning and feel an arm over top of me. I open my eyes. Devon is there with his arms around me. I must have called him last night when I was really hurting. I look over at my nightstand. There's my phone in perfect shape. Apparently, I didn't crack the screen, but the screen protecter got cracked so it looked like it was cracked. I picked it up and it said there were 27 messages from Jack. I went to check them, just because of habit. Then I saw the conversation he had with Devon.

Jack: Maxy?! I heard a huge slam when the phone answered! Are you ok?

Maxy: Hi there Jack. This is Devon. Maxy's fine but after hearing what you did, I'm pretty sure you don't want to talk to her.

Jack: Devon, let me talk to her ok? I'm really sorry. Tell her that ok?

Maxy: Sorry Jack, but she curled up in my arms right now asleep. I don't want to wake her up.

Jack: You dick! She's my girl!
Maxy: Actually, as I recall, You broke up with her.

Jack: I always knew you liked her!

Maxy: Well she's mine now. (Devil smily face)

I looked at the message over again then looked at the messages below that.

Jack: Listen Baby. I didn't mean what I said.

Jack: Maxy?

Jack: Please are you there?

Jack: Oh wait your probably asleep...

Jack: Text me when your up.

-Messages from right before I was up-

Jack: Maxy?

Jack: I know your up by now, why don't you fucking answer!

Jack: I didn't mean to yell. Im sorry.

Jack: Please come back on...?

Jack: Fine bye.

I decided I should text him back.

Maxy: You broke me. It's over. Goodbye for good Jack. I thought I loved you once. I don't.

And with that I deleted his name and then blocked him. Then a message popped up on my phone.

Your sleeping partner:I know you up. Come and give me a kiss.

What the fuck? 

I turned over to see  Devon sitting there with his phone in his hand smiling like I was an angel and he was a devil, about to take me to hell. And then I said the most stupid thing I could ever say,

"Why would I kiss you?" 

Devon looked at me like a hurt animal and then turned away.

"You don't remember what happened last night do you...?" He asked.

"What...?" I asked, half scared, half confused.

"We..." Devon tried to start.

"We what?" I asked, really scared now.

"We had sex, Maxy." I then realized I had no clothes on. Where did the memories go?

"We were drinking weren't we?" I asked. 

Suddenly the memories started to flood back.



Well I know... Cliff hanger! I'll get onto the second chapter as soon as I can I promise! Hope your enjoying it so far! Love ya,

-Willow <3






























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