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  • Published: 24 Nov 2016
  • Updated: 24 Nov 2016
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A 18 year old girl will experience her worst birthday in her life. Human trafficking is NOT a fiction, it happens to pretty girls .....like her!


3. 3.

 Alexei was part of an organized gang, responsible for human trafficking, pretty girls mostly. Such girls are forced to work as strippers or phone sex girls, making huge profits for their masters. Some of the girls are even brutally forced to prostitute.

Debbie was getting into conscious again. She was just little dizzy.

-Welcome to Sugarland, bunny!-said Alexei with a grin.

Debbie didn't know what he was talking but a second later saw a neon title in front of a building-S U G A R L A N D. It was a strip club. Debbie realized she became a victim of criminals who trade with flesh.

-No, leave me go! I am not a hooker!-tried to protest the birthday girl

-Easy, Debra, you are in my hands now! Happy 18th Birthday!-laughed the Russian scum of a man

-My father is a lawyer, he knows all the police department, human trash, leave me go!

-Who knows you are here, honey? Tell me? I negotiate with no one, now go inside!-ordered Alexei

Debbie Wings refused. Then, the other two men grabbed her by the hands and dragged her inside the building of sins.

Debbie was protesting in every possible way. She moved her arms and legs in effort to let loose but in vain. Inside the strip club, there were girls her age, even smaller, dancing and wrathing, licking the metallic poles or lap dancing. A music was blasting:


Call in my fantasy, operator, flat lining into me, pull the plug,see you later.....try if you dare, you'll already mine....pretty girls learn to work it early.......


  Debbie became more terrified when she saw at the back of the club phone boots with scantily clad beauties inside,talking to pervert men over the phone, moaning and touching themselves.

-I am in hell!-thought the straight As pretty girl who dreamed to become a lawyer.

-If you listen to me God, save my life, save me and I promise to love my parents who are divorcing and never escape home again!-thought second the young lady.

Alexei locked Miss Wings in a small dirty room. Before doing that, he threw her a sexy underwear and ordered her to put it on.

-Soon you begin-said he-from now on your name is Butterfly. Do you understand?

Debbie only nodded silently


                                                                                            . . .


  The time was 21:01. Patrick had stomach-ache. He was toiling in pain,trying to reach his floodlight. He was crawling,flashing with light around him. Patrick felt incredibly guilty. His best friend is in great danger and he and her family might never saw her again. He wanted to do something. He blamed himself trusting a stranger. Patrick also blamed inviting him here.

-I should make inquiries about this Russian man! Why I am so stupid!

Patrick continued flashing with the floodlight and for a second browsed to something

-Debbi's cell phone! Thank God!

Patrick was crawling to reach it. It fell off the grass from Debra's pocket the moment Alexei was dragging her to the car.

Patrick dialed the number of the home phone in Debbie's house. Her mother picked up the device and soon her eyes were covered in moist.


                                                                                       . . .


  A police car was racing around the streets of Loveland. The parents were inside. The sheriff also called his colleagues in the whole area to launch a search of a missing girl. The police in half Colorado is searching for the innocent girl Debra Wings. It was now 22:35 h.


                                                                                      . . .


 While the people were trying to find Debbie, Patrick was sent to a hospital. He insisted on Internet there and logged in his Facebook account. Then clicked on the photo of Alexei and looked carefully his posts and photos. In one of them, Patrick saw in the background a smeared title. Something like su...sug....sugar. Sugar? What the hell it means? Sugar on a building, a sugar factory?

Then the boy typed the words'' sugar'' and ''Loveland'' on ''bing. com''. The results showed nothing. Nothing for that town. But down on the page there stood the address and information about a club in Fort Collins, named'' Sugarland''. According to the given information it is a disco club with guests DJ s but the reality nobody knew was different.

-Fort Collins is just 3 miles from Loveland? What if Debbie was abducted and thrown there?-guessed Patrick and dialed quickly the number of Debbie's father. Then explained him his suspicions. Debbie's dad told the sheriff to drive ahead Fort Collins.


                                                                                     . . .


 When a dozen of policemen raided into the club, the half-naked girls ran scared. The male clients tried to escape but were stopped by the police. Debbie was in one of the poles,covered in shame, but trying to dance in a seductive manner. She knew Alexei was watching her and if she didn't do what she was told, he will beat her. Luckily to her and all the other innocent souls with the same destiny, the good people found her, found them and released them from the nightmare of the new slavery.

-Debbie!-yelled in one voice her parents.

She saw the terror in their eyes and sobbing rushed to hug them. She said how much she love them. They, while walking to the police car, told her they will not file for divorce and it was the best news that night for the 18 year old girl. The Russian gang was arrested.

Now, more than ever, Debra Wings wanted to study for a lawyer and help later girls who were victims of trafficking and never let bastards like Alexei play with their future and fate. Around midnight she and her parents arrived at the hospital to visit Patrick-the boy who fondly loves Debbie and without whom she wouldn't be saved.

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