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  • Published: 24 Nov 2016
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A 18 year old girl will experience her worst birthday in her life. Human trafficking is NOT a fiction, it happens to pretty girls .....like her!


2. 2.

-I'll be there for you. Always!-replied Patrick and soon the two friends were walking back homes,licking strawberry ice-cream with nuts for fixing the gloomy mood. Tomorrow is going to be a very special day for Debra Wings-her once in a lifetime 18th birthday.


                                                                                              . . .


 The grown-up daughter of the Wings family sneaked out the house early in the morning. She was upset with her parents and didn't want to see them. Debbie was eager to meet Patrick and his mysterious Russian friend and together to go camping all day long.

Alexei and Patrick saw Debbie coming at the spot where they said they will meet. It was in the south part of Benson Park

-Happy fantastic 18th birthday,girl!-wished her Patrick and hugged her. Then handed her a little gift.

-Thank you very much, dear best friend!-smiled Miss Wings and pointed her gaze at the Russian man. Man because he seemed at least 8-10 years older than them

-This is Alexei I told you about!-introduced his friend Patrick

-Nice to meet you, Alexei!-said Debbie and handed her friend toward his.

-Hello and happy birthday! Excuse my English, please, I know I have a heavy accent.

-Don't worry!-snapped Debra

-You are extremely pretty, I hardly see beautiful girls like you in this town!-said Alexei

-Oh, thanks!-replied Debbie a bit embarrassed and the three, with bag packs and good mood headed east, where the town ended and vast lowlands and fields began appearing. It was 8:30 in the morning and no one but Patrick and Alexei knew where Debra Wings is.


                                                                                       . . .


 The birthday girl, the boy and the Russian guy walked more than two hours non-stop. Meanwhile, in Debbie's home her parents panicked when they saw their daughter is not in her room. Her mother backed her a cake, her favorite one with strawberry cream, her father bought her a present but the most important girl today was missing

-I hope she is fine!-said her mom

-You know it's our fault she doesn't want to see us, right?-said the father

-Yes, I wish things were different! We shouldn't tell her we're divorcing after all-sighed sadly Debbie's mother.


                                                                                       . . .


 Around noon the three people stopped in a greenish spot among the beautiful nature for a lunch. After that amount of walking with weight on the backs it's obvious to get hungry. Patrick bought everything like he promised-not only sandwiches and packed salad but also cupcakes,marshmallows,candies, even champagne and some other stuff.

-Well, Alexei-asked Debbie-what's your story? Are you in our country to stay or just visiting? And how did you met my best friend?

-Oh, so many questions but I'll try to answer you-intriguingly responded the Russian man. I found out I have relatives in U.S.-it turned out the grandmother of my father settled nearby Loveland when the WW2 was over, she escaped Russia and came here. I found out this recently. Then, I saw the Facebook account of your friend and saw he lives in the city and I wrote him because I had no other friends in your country and wanted someone local to guide me through your educational system and so on

-So, you will study at our high school?-said Debra

-I think so, in the fall, when the new school year started.....

-No offense, but aren't you bit old for high school?

-Yes, but I skipped some classes in Russia and here I'll be I guess 11th grade

-Too bad we are graduating this summer, we will not see each other in the school halls!-said Debbie and Patrick agreed

-No worries, let's eat finally!-changed the subject of the conversation Alexei-asked

-....and celebrate My BFF Debbie her birthday!-added Patrick and opened the champagne. Then filled everybody's plastic red cups. Miss Wings was truly happy among people who loved her, among the endless nature, without problems and parents. Everything was perfect or she thought so.


                                                                                         . . .


 When they finished with lunch, Alexei and Patrick went looking for dry twigs for the fire they are about to make and Debbie prepared the marshmallows on sticks. Burned by the flames, these sweets turn into the most delicious thing in the world. The time was 15:25.


                                                                                        . . .


-You know,guys, I hadn't expect but this is my best birthday ever! I never felt so free!-revealed the happy birthday young lady

-World is in front of you, Debbie, everything awaits you!-answered Patrick and hugged her once again.

Alexei is watching cunningly, like he was up to something. He didn't say a thing just fainted a smile. The Russian man not randomly picked Patrick for his friend. Through him, he wanted to reach Debbie. Alexei researched everything about the 18 year old girl. He knew about her problems at home and stuff and with no hesitation prepared Miss Wings a surprised for the night-his ''present '' for her birthday.


                                                                                      . . .


 Like expected, Debbie didn't want to come back home today and decided all the three to spend the night in the tents.

-Slumber party? I like it!-said Alexei but he didn't intend to sleep. During some time in the late afternoon he phoned someone. The connection among nature was unstable but he arranged his plan. Some of his other Russian buddies awaits him in a car, nearly a mile from the place he , Patrick and Debbie are staying.

The night was coming. Part of the moon shows on the horizon. It was 18:46.

-I will remember this day for the rest of my life!-screamed full lungs Debbie's

-Yes, you will, certainly, and the night,too!-thought Alexei.


                                                                                     . . .


  Debbie Wings was abducted. Patrick was slightly poisoned-his Russian'' friend'' put something in his last cup with champagne. Debra's best friend was lying among wilderness, unconscious and alone. No one knew where to find him. Only Debbie. But she was dragged to some car with no number by Alexei. Before that he put a cloth with heavy alcohol and other substance on her mouth. She wasn't fully asleep. Soon she was about to wake up and see the brutal reality, the''present'' Alexei had prepared for the celebration of her freedom.

During that time at home, Debbie's parents couldn't find a place from worries about her daughter. They were on the verge of going out looking for her.

The unknown car with Miss Wings and the Russian men was driving to the nearest city-Fort Collins. Debra was there many times in her life,but not in the place where she will be entered in very soon. 

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