Hidden Secrets

I've always thought that the supernatural was never real until I actually saw what they really were capable to do. Well what are they really. They have the feelings and the hearts of us humans. But they're brutal like the monster's they have hidden in them. How am I supposed to feel about them. Am I suppose to be scared of them or should I help them survive. Truth is I'm a part of their family to. My mother and aunt have been hiding something from me that effects everything I did.


1. Chapter 1

"We're going to start off with something easy this year. I was planning on having 2 plays this school year. Maybe one this December and one in March ,but nothing specific yet. But we're getting ahead of ourselves. We'll start off easy. We need to get use to and know each other. So for your first task , you'll get into groups of 3-4 and you'll introduce yourself and state a few things you like. I'll go around and select your groups for you," The theater teacher said before getting off the stage and walking around to put people into groups. This was my first year in theater so I was nervous of what to do. Everyone was standing up and all in their own little spaces except for the people that have friends in this class there together in one group. The teacher, Ms. Karsh, Was very young it was a surprise she was a teacher. I looked at the people around me to see who I might be paired with. Ms. Karsh came to where I was and looked around. Half the class was already in groups.

"What's your name?" Ms. Karsh asked in a sweet voice.

"Anison Aliverga but I prefer to be called Ann"

"Ok Ann, Follow me" She said. She went to a few other students and asked their names and asked to follow her. She walked us to a wall near the back.

"Ok so this is your group. Your group number 5. Start introducing yourselves and we'll begin an activity in a minute. I looked at the group I was in. There were two guys and then another girl in our group. One of the guys had black hair spiked, his eyes were a dark brown, and his was tall but very thin, he looked very serious and uncaring. The other guy was a bit shorter than the first guy and almost a lean as the other guy, his hair was wavier and a dark brown, his eyes were a light green the type you can stare at forever, he looked very shy. The girl looked more quirkier, her eyes were a darker green. She was a little taller than me and her hair was the same shade as mine that blonde hair with a brownish tone to it.

"So who's gonna start talking first" I said breaking the silence first.

"Oldest to youngest, we'll talk about hobbies and pets. I don't know. Let's just start with that. I guess." The guy with the black hair said after I did. " February 19, 10th Grade"

"May 3rd 9th Grade" I said

"October 21 9th Grade" The other guy said

"November 9, 9th Grade" the other girl said.

We all looked over to the tallest guy waiting for him to say something since he was the oldest and suggested the idea. He sighed but started talking, " Daniel Hin, I like.. the color purple and I play the bass. I joined because I need to get out of the house. Next," He said finishing and turned to look at me.

"Anison Aliverga, I like quiet places and going to parties with my friends"

"A little bi-polar don't you think" Daniel said. all I did was let out a little giggle.

I looked over to the next guy and said "Next".

He looked at the ground before talking, "Nathan Hin, I like going to the lake and making picture edits."

"Are you guys related" The other girl said for the first time.

"Cousins not Brother's" The both said in sync .

"He also likes to sing with the birds and write stupid stories" Daniel said teasing Nathan. Nathan blushed and wanted to say something ,but didn't.

"Hey, there is nothing wrong with singing, and he might have his book published one day, Right next to the Twilight books." the girl said giggling as Nathan started to blush again.

"Sarah Grays, I like writing and drawing." Sarah said knowing that it was her turn to talk about herself.

"Well we might all have one thing in common" Daniel said before being interrupted by Ms. Karsh.

"Ok class so I guess we know our group pretty well by now and this won't be the last time working together this will be your group for at least the 1 semester," She said as the bell rang, "Well class it was good finally meeting you we will work on an activity." It was nice finally doing something with theater. The teacher was sick or they didn't have the teacher or the other teacher quit and they were finding a replacement. Point is we didn't have a teacher for the past 2 weeks and today was the first day of this class. It seemed really fun so that's why I joined and it's really good this class is my last class of the day.

"Well I guess I'll see you guys again tomorrow" I said as everyone was leaving. I grabbed my bag and walked out of the classroom. I walked home from school on most days and today was one of those days. I didn't like walking that much but I was fit and I knew how to take care of my body. My home wasn't that far away. Probably a 40 min walk. I saw my aunt Lu outside in the front yard. She was practicing her gardening skills which honestly she wasn't very good at it. my cousin, Arianna ,pulled up at the drive way. We went to the same school but she refuses to pick me up sometimes because she likes hanging out after school for a while. She was a year older than me. Me and her looks so different. She has red hair and light skin with green eyes. She was tall and very skinny, While I had blonde-brown hair, tan skin and green eyes. I walked into my house and say my mother sitting on the couch watching some show on the TV. I opened the fridge to find a sandwich with my name on the bag. My aunt and Cousin walked into the house having a discussion.

"And why can't I have friends over" Arianna said yelling in an annoying mood.

"The four of us live in the same house so you want to bring in a friend you have to ask everyone in here if it's fine. And it's a boy I don't want you hanging out with boys here. My aunt said getting defensive over the fact that it was a boy coming over.

"Fine you want me to ask everyone in this house if it's fine if a boy comes over" Arianna was really getting mad. I just stood there eating the sandwich I had. My mom walked into the kitchen we had. We looked over to each other but didn't say anything.

"Yeah I actually want you to ask them if it's fine" My cousin looked over at me and my mom waiting for an answer. All we did was nod not wanting to enter the situation.

"Fine me and your aunt will go out tonight but Ann will be here" My aunt said. They always did the same thing. They always made reservations without asking people if they were available to go. I went up to my room to relax for a while before Arianna's friend. I got a message from one of my friends, Kate, She was in the same grade and was absolutely beautiful she had long black wavy hair, beautiful green eyes, and pale skin. She was tall ,but then again almost everyone is taller than me.

"Hey how'd your last class go"

"Pretty good I was put into a group and they all seemed alright."

"I have a date with Johnny today. I'm going to go to his house for a movie. What should I wear."

"Your green top with the light blue jeans. It'll look nice. See, where would you be without me. "

"Thank you. Your such a great friend" Kate sent the message before we both said goodbye. I heard a knock on my door before my mom walked in.

"Hey me and Lu are leaving now Arianna's friend is here. You should go say Hi he brought his cousin" I rolled my eyes thinking I don't have time to be a babysitter. I already felt my mom telling me to be nice. I followed her down to the living room. Are house was very weird. When you enter the house you see the kitchen and then a Guest room on the other side. Walking in a little further you see the living room on the left with the stairs leading to the second floor. On the right was another sitting area but we mostly used it as a dining room ,but this one isn't as you would usually have a dining room. As a walked down Arianna was talking to a boy on the stools we had in the kitchen next to them was the guy's cousin on his phone. To my surprise I already knew them. I actually met them today. None other than Daniel and Nathan. What a surprise I get to have this evening. I sat next to Nathan and saw him look up from his phone.

"Well what a surprise. First day we met and you're already meeting my family. Haven't even taken me on our date yet." I said teasing the fact he was in my house. He started blushing and wanted to say something, "My my this is the second time your face is all red. I think you might be catching something."

"Anison, I didn't know you and Arianna were related" I heard Daniel saying saving his cousin from the more humiliating from me.

"Well we only met once. You're not getting my life story after we just met. I have rules to that" Daniel only smiled with a slight chuckle as he continued to talk to Arianna. Arianna went with Daniel to one of the sitting areas.

"Maybe you should take Nathan here to your room and bore him with your stories. Oh sorry Nathan for throwing you under the bus" Arianna said before actually leaving the room this time.

"My stories are interesting by the way"

"I'm sure they are. I would love to hear about the little princess and her adventures " Nathan said. I was impressed shy boy had bite.

"Well I guess we do have one thing in common"

"Really what's that"

"Were very different when we're away from family"

" Yeah you know you're right you act like the most bitchiest person in the world and alone you actually honest to people. While I live in the real world."

"It's actually the other way around. But you're not all you say. You're a bitch. I like it" I earned a smirk from Nathan as his phone rang, "Got someone more important to talk to than me"

"Actually yes, Sarah. She's not fake like you"

"Well recheck your facts. I might be fake but so are you" He looked up seeing my smiling face. We heard something fall and then a 'sorry' from Daniel from the other room.

"Looks like they're busy doing whatever they like to do"

"Come on. Let's go to my room" Nathan sat there looking at me like I was crazy. I pulled his sleeve until he followed me upstairs. He looked around my room for a while before sitting in a chair I had near the window.

"Not what you expected" I said before looking through my closet. My room was a brownish tan shade with a few Light pink and light blue items around the room.

"Well I was expecting either a messy black room with devil worship signs on the wall or a pink room filled with a bunch of stuffed animals." He looked back at his phone I'm guessing texting Sarah.

"You've really seen a lot then"

"A room tells a lot about a girl"

"Really what does my room tell about me"

"Alone, The brown tone shows you want to be alone"

"Your good" I said while pulling out to outfits from my closet, "Which one looks better, the jean dress with the brown belt with heels or the white crop top with the leggings and the black cardigan with the heels" Nathan took a quick look at the options

"Second option only not the heels but with the flats"

"Nude flats or black flats"

"Black" Nathan said as if he already knew the answer.

"Nathan! Ann! Come down here we want to go somewhere and well we can't leave you here" Daniel yelled while I heard Arianna open the front door.

"Do you think there serious" I asked Nathan.

"Serious about what"


"Yeah maybe Daniel will just have to make those other girls his side chicks" I laughed at Nathan's comment. Although he looks nice and innocent he really is a little devil underneath. As we walked down the stairs Arianna asked Daniel where we were going and I heard them talking about going to somewhere haunted. What a sweet place for your first date.

"It's a house a little out of town. It's basically an abandoned town literally right next to us. No one goes there anymore. It's been like that since we were young and no one lives there" I heard Daniel explain to Arianna.

"Oh no. You want to take them there" Nathan said knowing exactly where this place was. He already looked bored.

"Yes. Come on we know you secretly like it. Hey you probably even imagine taking your imaginary girlfriend there on occasion." Daniel said to Nathan before smirking at him and walking out to the car with Arianna.

 Nathan sighed before looking at me. "Hope you like surprises because you sure are in for one" 

"Oh don't worry. I love surprises." I said smirking at him before exiting the house and getting into the backseat of the car. 

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