You've Been Friendzoned

Christopher Palmer is a 15 year old average guy who arrives in a new school and immediately finds love in the form of Sarah Mays, but things don't really go towards his expectations...


7. The most eye opening study session

I’ve been waiting for 20 minutes and she hasn’t come. I’m in a library with tons of books in tall wooden shelves and I’m reading a book about Historical events that honestly I don’t need to know. I mean think about it, schools teach us things like the prohibition era, the assassination of Abraham Lincoln and JFK when in actual fact they should be teaching us things we need for the future like how to pay taxes and mortgages. I don’t understand why we’re learning these unnecessary events. She still hasn’t come by the way. That makes it 22 minutes and 46 seconds I’ve been waiting. I guess she’ll never help me and I won’t express my true feelings to her, oh well there’s plenty of fish in the sea…
“Hi Christopher sorry I’m late my soccer team got into some deep water after we lost 10-5” 
Says a running Sarah who unexpectedly slams her words into my face as I was leaving. She stops in front and I move backwards in surprise. She’s sweating like crazy and panting a lot. I sit back down still in surprise and she sits in the seat next to me. She scoots over and looks at the book I’m reading. I notice how close she is and I start to blush. 
“Abraham Lincoln huh?” she asks.
“Uhhh, yes my history teacher… She wants us to research on the Lincoln assassination” I stutter. Sarah stands up in front of me and begins to act out the scene.
“Oh that’s easy, Abraham Lincoln was assassinated in Ford’s Theatre with his wife when one John Wilks Booth came up behind him and… Shot him in the back!” She says dramatically while making her fingers into a gun and pointing them at me. 
“Excuse me Miss Mays” says a tall old lady with round glasses
“You are not supposed to yell in the school library” 
“Oh yeah sorry about that, I won’t yell again” She says while winking at me.
The Librarian moves away with a pout and Sarah sits down next to me, closer this time. 
“So yeah, just write that down” she says 
“Uhhh thanks” I stammer
I write down what she said on my worksheet under question 1, I now look at question 2.
“Um, question 2 is, how did John F. Kennedy die? And when?”
“That’s easy” she says. “In fact you don’t need me to help you with this work sheet”
“Why not?” I ask.
“Because this is so easy, are you sure this is the right worksheet?”
“Yea this is what the teacher gave us”
“Which teacher?” she asks
“Ms Sampson” 
“No way Ms Sampson? She treats everyone like they’re retards”
“Really?” I ask in disbelief
“Uh, yes when she was teaching year 9 sex-ed she asked everyone what gender is”
“What? That’s stupid!” I say
“I know right” she says.
“You know what how about instead of study how about we talk about we properly introduce each other since we get along so well?” she asks while batting her eye lashes. 
My heart stops dead. What did she say? I must’ve not heard that correctly. Does she actually want to know more about me? Nah that couldn’t of happened.
“Well do you want me to start or you?” I ask in a calm manner (okay not really).
“I guess I’ll start then, I was born in Michigan in a rich family my dad being the rich one. He was a multimillionaire stock broker working on Wall Street. That was around six or seven years ago when I last heard from him. My mum then found out my dad was cheating on her with what was recorded as seven to nine people. Well I think you know what my mom did after that…” She says the whole statement without pausing.
“Let me guess, divorce?” I guess.
She starts to cry and nods. If I was let’s say more than her friend then I would comfort her by a hug or something but I can’t cause that’s exactly what I’m not. She wipes her tears and cheers up almost instantly. 
“So after that my mom filed a divorce and got most of my dad’s money we’re living here, my mum got a new husband and I’m getting a lot of good grades and I’m happy to be here, so what about you?”
Okay, let’s go Chris you can do it.
“I was born in Rhode Island, my mom is a nice caring person who supports me a lot but I never really knew my dad because he was in the army all the time. It was just me my mom and my aunty for 6 years until…” 
I can’t help it I start to cry a waterfall of tears, Sarah puts her hand on my shoulder and her face looks very concerned.
“What, Chris what happened?”
I choke and speak up.
“I got a letter saying that my father was killed in a bomb strike when he was trying to help out children from being killed” 
Now I start to really bawl, tears rush down my head all the way down to my neck and staining my clothes, I try to stand up so I can wash my face, but I get pulled down by Sarah and she hugs me, no lie she actually hugs me and tries to help me out.
“It’s okay Christopher, you’re allowed to be upset when remembering things like this. It’ll all be okay” She says in a relaxing sweet voice. 
I stop crying and she helps me back up, I start to bush and she wipes my tears. 
“You okay now?” 
“Never been better” I say, not lying either I really mean it, well I might as well do what I should do. I’m gonna ask her out.
“Hey Sarah can I ask you something?” 
“Will you go out with me?” I ask hoping for the right answer, but instead she laughs a lot.
“Wow Chris you’re very funny you know that you really know how to cheer me up, hahaha you’re the funniest friend ever!” 
No, no, no, no. Did she just? No she couldn’t have, it can’t no!    


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