You've Been Friendzoned

Christopher Palmer is a 15 year old average guy who arrives in a new school and immediately finds love in the form of Sarah Mays, but things don't really go towards his expectations...


1. Lovers and secrets

She looked so beautiful just standing there. In her red silk gown and tied up hair, I was wearing the cheapest suit in the shop, a $500 fake Armani suit to be exact. She was on the balcony, alone and wanting comfort. Sweet Jessica. I comb my hair to the side and walk to her. She turns around, her sapphire eyes stare directly into my dull green eyes. I pull her close with her head resting on my shoulder. She opens her mouth and says “I love…
I pause the DVD, turn off the TV and groan, I’m barely in decent clothes!! I’m in my underwear with a tank top on with black and brown hair that looks like I just woke up!! I head down to the kitchen and find my mother. Who has definitely shrunk since last year. 
“Christopher you’ve been watching that stupid romantic show for five straight hours.”
“Correction, mom” I say extending the “mom” in the sentence, “it’s called “lovers and secrets” it’s a great show that teaches that even the worst of people can become lovers or friends, and I was just about to finish the second last episode”
“Well you can finish it later, here suppers up” she said in a tone that doesn’t suit her. In fact she has had that tone ever since dad died in Afghanistan when he was in the army. She’s never been right after that, but at least deep down she loves me with all her heart. 
I sit down at the table and look at the food in front of me mashed potatoes, carrots, steak and lettuce. I start eating the potatoes because it’s my favourite food since I was 3 years old, when Aunty Mavis was taking care of me when dad was still alive in the front line. Aunty always fed me mashed potatoes her father taught her when she was 15 years old the same age I am now, and 60 years on she still knows the recipe. Mom sits down and starts to eat. 
“I’m sorry mom, I didn’t mean to get so angry it’s a really good show” I say
“No need sweetie, I used to love a TV show that much” she responds in a much happier tone.
“What was it?”
“Hey Arnold”
“So that’s why you showed me every single episode when I was growing up”
“Yes that’s right I thought you would like it, just as I did”
“Well I did, I love you mom”
“I love you to son”
I finish dinner and help wash up the dishes. I ask mom if I could watch the last two episodes of my show. She said I could but I had to turn off and go to bed at 10:00 sharp. She doesn’t want me to miss my first day of my new school. I have three hours till I have to go to bed, that’s plenty of time. I run up and turn on the TV and return to my show, I put my trousers on because my undies really stink like you have no idea.


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