You've Been Friendzoned

Christopher Palmer is a 15 year old average guy who arrives in a new school and immediately finds love in the form of Sarah Mays, but things don't really go towards his expectations...


6. If it's not a date or a hangout then what is it?

“Well, what do you want to ask me?” Sarah says.
The bell rings and everyone rushes out, but not us. I don’t know what to say neither does Michael. We just sit there with our jaws dropped (well not literally) and sweating like crazy. I can’t think of anything, do I tell her exactly what we’re talking about or make something up. Well it’s obvious that we make something up but what? What can I ask that doesn’t sound dumb and suspicious.
“Ummm, I… what?” I stammer
“What do you mean what? You were obviously talking about asking me something so what is it?” 
Her cheery voice is disappearing and a more agitated voice starts to grow.
“What Chris is trying to say is…” Michael tries to speak before being cut off.
“I wasn’t asking for your opinion you pervert” Sarah snaps.
Michael sits up and rushes out of the classroom in fear.
“So Chris, what we’re you saying?” She says like nothing just happened.
 My heart stops, not in lust but in fear. She just snapped at Michael and now she’s continuing like nothing has happened. 
“I was gonna ask…”
Michael sticks his head out from the doorway and uses sign language to tell me not to say a word. I open my mouth.
“I was about to ask… how do you keep your hair so shiny and clean?”
I pull a fake smile and try not to crack out something weird.
“Oh really? That’s simple I use a lot of conditioner and use anti dandruff cream” she replies.
“Okay that’s good, my mom’s been wondering how to keep her hair… nice and clean”
“Well tell your mom what I told you and she will be fine”
She winks and gives me a smile and walks out giving a dirty look at Michael before making her way to the courtyards. I walk out of the class room and breathe out in relief. Michael does as well and we both make our way to the courtyard. 
“I can’t believe she fell for that” Michael says.
“That was too damn close man” I say.
“But I gotta say that fake smile was so obvious, you need to work on that”
“You really gonna get on my nerves about my fake smile?”
“I was just saying it could’ve been better”
We walk out to the courtyard and sit down on a bench. I realise is that Sarah is sitting on the other side of the bench. Luckily she doesn’t see us. I panic as Michael speaks up.
“Look forget about her she’s just a stupid ho…”
I cover his mouth and whisper into his ear.
“Sarah’s right there on the other side of the bench man”
He looks over and his eyes widen. He sweats and tries to break free. I let him on the condition that he won’t talk about her when she’s around and that we should move, but he points out a group of Regina’s and Steve’s group are nearby. So we have to stay where we are. We still agree to talk about something else.
“So uhhhhh, what did you do on the weekend?” I ask while trying not to burst in fear and pull the most obvious fake smile in history. Michael gives a blank face and whispers. 
“Seriously? That’s the best you can come up with? Are you made of clichés or are you just that horrible?”
“Hey I’ve never had a crush on a girl as beautiful as…” 
I stop realising that I nearly said Sarah’s name out loud. I cover my mouth and take deep breaths to calm down. Michael realises that I did and then smirks as he always does. 
“Who? Aren’t you gonna finish?” He says.
Damn Michael has got me in a box. What do I say? 
“Ummm, no one” I say with what I think is a decent smile.
Michael smirks and talks loudly. “Are you sure?”
“100% I just got here man” I reply.
“Okay then how about if I tell Sarah that…”
I grab his arm tightly and twist it around.
“I said no one didn’t I?” I say to him in a really angry voice. 
He backs down and rubs his arms in pain. I look over at Sarah and she looks straight into my eyes. I move my head as quickly as I could and breathe deep breaths. 
“She…Saw…You…Didn’t…She?” Michael asks still in pain.
I nod at the same time Sarah comes over.
“Hi Christopher” she says in a sweet voice.
“Hi Michael” she says in an agitated voice which makes Michael leave and hide behind a pillar in fear, it’s just me and her now again.
“Hi Sarah”
“Chris why do you hang out with a pervert like Michael?” 
Her sweet voice is hypnotising I can’t help but answer.
“Because I’m new and he helped me” I mumble.
“He helped you!?” she yells not in a mean way but a surprised way.
“Yeah, he went toe to toe with Steve” I joke.
“I’m sorry I thought I heard that Michael helped you” she says in disbelief. 
Wow she must really hate Michael. I don’t want her made so I lie.
“Nah I’m just joking Michael is just a bully” I say.
“I thought so he’s such a prick” she says.
Okay she really hates Michael. Speaking of Michael he’s hearing the whole thing. He’s giving me the thumbs up possibly for the bully part. He also tries to tell me to ask her out on the spot. Okay before I do I just gotta say that’s a bad idea. I just met her and he wants me to ask her out. All I know is that she’s beautiful and she likes reading I guess. So I know exactly what to do. 
“So Sarah?” I ask 
“What is it Christopher?”
“Ummm do you want to help me study for my classes?”
She takes some time to answer, and when I mean some I mean around 5-10 minutes. I start to regret my decision when.
“Okay, I’d love to help you out” she finally says.
“Okay so see you in the library next break?” I ask while slightly blushing.
“Yeah no problemo” she replies. “Bye Christopher” 
She walks off with a smile on her face. The second she disappears I breathe out and blush like mad. She said love in a sentence talking about me. Oh my god that’s a wonderful feeling.
“It would be wonderful if you actually asked her out you dill!”
Michael yells and it startles me.
“What are you talking about?”
“You need to know how to keep your thoughts in your head Chris”
Damn, I must’ve said the love thing out loud. I stand up and follow Michael who is already walking away.
“Look don’t you think that asking her out now is a good idea, I mean it’s my first day and…”
I don’t finish cause Michael grabs my shirt and starts slapping me.
“You love her right?” he asks.
I get a slap and Michael repeats the question.
“You love her right?!”
“Yes I do with all my heart!”
“Then what are you waiting for?”
“Huh?” I ask
I get another slap to the face. I get pulled up and Michael speaks 
“If you love a girl you ask her out, got it?” He yells.
I don’t want another slap so I reply
“Yes I got it, I got it”
He lets me go and wipes off the slap marks.
“Good, now you know what to do” He smirks and walks off.
Remind me not to get on Michael’s bad side.


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