You've Been Friendzoned

Christopher Palmer is a 15 year old average guy who arrives in a new school and immediately finds love in the form of Sarah Mays, but things don't really go towards his expectations...


5. English class 1 out of god knows how many

 “Good morning class” 
I sit down waiting for the tall buff teacher with a screwed up beard and sunglasses to start the lesson.
“I am your new teacher Mr. Harrison but really no one should give a damn, I teach English history, language and art, I will be your teacher for all those subjects. If you don’t like that then sue me” he says with a witty persona.
This teacher sounds like a nice guy he may look like a character form sons of anarchy but he’s a nice guy. 
“Ohhhkay roll call, Amelia Aarons” Mr. Harrison yells
“Jess Anderson”
“Jeremy Archer”
Few minutes later…
“Kris lancer”
“Sarah Mays”
Wait Sarah Mays is in this class!! That must be luck on my side. I can’t believe that! Oh my god that’s amazing!! Yes! I try and track her, she’s gotta be round here somewhere. 
“Christopher Palmer if you don’t pay attention I will punch your head in!!”
I nearly fall out of my chair in fear. That’s the worst jump scare that has ever happened to me. 
“YES SIR SORRY SIR!!!” I scream.
“Alright calm down lad, I was just joking” He said calmly and continues to mark the roll.
The class starts giggling and snickering. I slide down my chair embarrassed. Okay and possibly in fear. 
“Right! Full attendance, that’s a great start. I’ll hand out your semester one reading books once received read chapters 1-3 till the end of the lesson” Mr. Harrison says aloud.
“And make sure you read every word Robin!”
He gives a death stare to a boy who starts sliding under his desk in fear. He hands out the reading books. The book is Macbeth. I’ve read it before so I ask if I can have a different book.
“Sir?” I say.
“Yes Mr. Palmer” he answers.
“May I ask for a different book? I’ve read Macbeth before”
“I’m sorry lad, the books in the semester I have no choice”
“That’s okay sir”
 I sit back down and start reading groaning as I start.
“Y’know you don’t have to read it if you don’t want to” says a calming voice.
I jolt up and look around for the source.
“Over here” the voice says again.
I look diagonally across, it’s Sarah Mays. 
“Oh I didn’t see you there” I say nervously.
“Don’t worry about it” she says. 
Her voice is sweet and relaxing making me slightly blush but so slight she doesn’t notice.
“You’re not reading?” I ask.
“No point, I’ve read Macbeth before” 
“Hey so have I!” 
“I know” she says as she flips her hair back.
“How?” I ask.
“Well you did ask Mr. Harrison about it and I’m not deaf” She jokes.
“Oh of course not” I say embarrassed.
“I think if you’ve already done it there’s no point of doing it again”
“That’s true” I respond.
“Hey you seem like a nice guy, there’s not a lot of nice boys at this school”
My heart briefly stops and my chest hurts like mad. She said that I’m a nice guy, no girl has ever called me that. That’s the best feeling I have ever had.
“Thanks” I stutter while my chest is about to burst. 
“No worries, let’s talk again sometime” she says to me as she turns to look at the window. 
Not anyone else, ME. I can’t believe that a girl as beautiful as Sarah would say that to me. My chest feels like it’s on fire and my mouth goes numb, but someone interrupts by a hard punch on the back. I fall into the desk face first. 
“You really don’t listen do ya?” a sarcastic voice says behind me.
I turn around and find a familiar smirk that looks charming but annoying. 
“Michael! You’re in this class to”
“No I’m intruding and I’m about to steal everyone’s phones and wallets” he says sarcastically.
“Of course we’re in the same class you spaz”
He slaps me on the back of the head and laughs.
“Michael, what are doing?” Mr. Harrison says.
“Nothing at all”
“Then why is Christopher rubbing the back of his head”
“Head ache sir” I respond quickly.
“On the back of your head?” he asks puzzled.
“Yes, yes my headaches always on the back of my head sir” I say very quickly with a fake smile.
“Alright, I’ll keep an eye on you, just in case you don’t faint” he says in a motherly voice.
He walks back to his desk and watches his computer. Michael and I relieve. 
“Thanks man, I don’t want to get into trouble on the first day of year 10” he says.
“No problem, anything for a friend”
“Anyway, as I was saying… I’m surprised you had a conversation with Sarah”
“You are?”
“Yea, she never talks to any other boy, even me and I’m a ladies magnet”
“Is that true? Cause I thought you only said ladies magnet to be funny?” I ask in disbelief 
“It’s true, a lot of girls look at me with dreamy expressions and always want to talk to me. Well except for Sarah Mays that is”
“Have you ever been on a date?” I ask.
“Yes, eight times”
“Eight!?” I say, again in disbelief.
“Yeah with eight different girls”
“Really?” I say still in disbelief.
“Four of them didn’t really like it though, Grace never wants to see me again, Katie god damn hates me, Natalie doesn’t want to ever talk to me again and Malkina calls me a stuck up as…”
“Okay I get the point, jeez” I say quickly.
“Any way yeah, I’ve been on dates before and I’m a ladies magnet”
 I shrug and look back at Sarah she’s just writing something down in her notebook twirling her hair. I blush and look at her madly in love. Michael notices and speaks up. 
“As I said man she’s too good for you”
“You don’t know that” I say immediately. 
“Trust me she has turned down more people than you have imagined”
“How many?” I ask curiously. 
“Sixteen” he whispers.
“Sixteen people!?” I yell.
“Christopher! Is everything all right?!” Mr. Harrison yells.
“I’m fine we’re just talking about a new movie” I say worriedly. 
“Which movie?” he asks. 
“Star Wars Force Awakens we’re talking about the part when…” I say quickly.
“Stop! Don’t spoil it! Just don’t yell out in class again” Mr. Harrison says quickly.
“Okay” I say.
Mr. Harrison sits back down and continues to watch his computer. 
“That was close, again”
“So sixteen people?” I ask.
“Yep all turned down by the untouchable Sarah Mays” Michael says  
“Because she likes turning down people? I don’t know! Why don’t you ask Sarah that in person!” he says back. 
“Ask me what?” 
We both turn around and see Sarah looking curious.


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