A nerd and a popular!


2. Chapter two: the truth

Marek's p.o.v.

I got up and I knew it was my second day and today is the day I have to so mean to Sheyla.i got ready and left to school, when I got their with my brother Niall I saw Sheyla by herself in the hallway. I walked there and when no one saw I pinned her to her locker and told her," keep your mouth shut cause if you tell anyone I will hunt you down".

I could tell she was scared but I started kissing Sheyla on her neck and when I stopped she looked at me and said," if you keep bullying me I will think you like me". I looked at her and moved away from her. She looked at me and left without thinking.

I walked into class and saw no teacher in there but Sheyla beating the shit out of my girlfriend and saw her brother pulling away but she said,"she shouldn't slap me and start to flirt with my brother". I heard him say," stop Sheyla or you will show everyone who you really are", I saw her nod and sit at her desk.

Sheyla's p.o.v.

I was so mad that I listened to harry and sat down. I saw Niall and marek walk in and marek went to genesis then to me and he said," you are a little fucking bitch", he was about to slap me but harry looked at me and nodded I punched marek and told harry to tell the teacher I was feeling bad. Then I left from school.

When I got home someone or something got into the house. I never wanted to take it out but o had to. I slowly walked around downstairs and no one was there so i went upstairs. One thing lead to another and found myself passed out on my floor.

I was sleeping for about six hours but Christian, Edward, and harry woke me up. "Sis what happened", I looked up and shrugged. Then harry noticed the gun and he took it and put it in my bag. He said," good nerdy girls are not always good," I looked up and started laughing and they joined.

Marek's p.o.v.

They called me over and I came. I saw Sheyla and told her brothers if it is ok to talk to her and they said yes. " so Sheyla tell me everything about you and it has to be the truth", she looked up and said,"ok first of all I am really strong and second of all I am not nice at all".

I looked at her and got closer until I was right at her face. I saw she was blushing so I was about to kiss her until Niall came in and said,"ok marek let's go now", I looked at him and he got out. I looked at Sheyla and she was still blushing so then I got close to her face then I kissed her. She kissed back and than we parted." So tell me the truth do you love me or do you love niall", she looked at me and said," I.....I lo.....love". That's when Niall came in and he glared at me. " I choose marek", when she said that Niall ran to her and he hit her so badly she could not get up.

I saw her brothers come in and shoved Niall out there house. I helped Sheyla up and she said she needed rest so I let her. I explained everything and they were so madthat they will hurt Niall.

I heard Christian say," I swear I will kill him", I was shocked but I still wanted to know the truth about them.


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