A nerd and a popular!


3. Chapter three: your little lies

Christian's p.o.v.

I watched Sheyla as she dozed off to sleep. I got up and closed the door I walked up to marek and said," what happened in there that made Niall mad". He looked at me and said," I k.....kissed her", I stood there shocked and I sat down.

"You stole her first kiss then", I looked at him and he nodded. I looked at Edward and harry and they were also surprised. "I will ask you one question and that's all," he looked up and I said," do you love Sheyla,".thats when he looked up and said,"yes".

Sheyla's p.o.v.

I was still awake and my head was hurting really bad so I got up and opened the door. When I got out I felt hands around my waist and then the next thing you know is that I am sitting in between marek and Christian on the couch. I asked," what happened", they all looked at me and marek explained everything.

I got up and went outside to go to the park. It was ten something so I went back home and when I got inside marek left. The boys told me to get rest and I did. The next day at school I went towards marek and his group including his girlfriend. I heard them saying mean comments about me so when I saw marek he said," go away you little slut, you don't belong here with us". I looked up and said," you little lier you said you love me and today you don't, I hate you and I don't want you or your brother around me ever again".

That's when I left all mad. Skip to lunch. I was sitting with the nerds cause I'm smart and so are they. We played games and stuff but he came and started picking on us with his group. I got up and said," why do you pick on nerds and you are SO lucky the teachers don't find out but I am telling you guys once and only once, go away from us or get hurt".

They looked at me and I one of them slapped me and thought I would cry but I didn't," I told you to go but you missed your chance". That's when they left running and a nerd named Jessica helped me get rid of the handprint.

Marek's p.o.v.

I ran cause I knew how hard Sheyla hit and we ditched school. I got genesis arm and took her to my house and straight to my room. I shoved her on my bed and made out with her. Later on Niall came home and when he opened my door he saw what happened. He left and I told genesis to get dressed and leave. She did what she was told and left.

Niall left to go to work so I decided to go over to sheyla's house and talk to her. I looked up and knocked no one was there except Sheyla and she said," what do you want lier ", that's when i walked in and picked Sheyla up when I was running I saw a note that her brothers said they won't be back for a week. I threw her on her bed and I said," I'll show you I love you."


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