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5. Chapter five: I want you to go away from me

Sheyla's p.o.v.

I was awaken by someone shaking me awake. I looked up and saw marek shaking me."stop shaking me",he looked at me and sad no. So I got up and sat on the bed. He said," what do you wanna do", I looked at him and shrugged. He got closer to my face and said,"I will never leave you and I love you". He got closer and then we kissed.

When we were kissing genesis came in my house looking for my room. Marek gently shoved me on the bed and he got on top of me. I stopped kissing him and shoved him off. I said," no more", he looked at me and nodded. He got up and genesis had a gun in her hand crying and shaking. She said," he was mine but you toke it away so let's take something from you". She pointed the gun towards marek and when she almost pulled the trigger I hit her with my bat but she pulled the trigger in time but I jumped right in front of marek and I got shot instead.

I grabbed the gun and I shot her and I told marek to," stay away from me because I might hurt you". He looked at me and he left. I started crying even more but the pain kept coming in and I couldn't stop it. Then out of a sudden a gun was on my back and he said in a brutal voice that," I will kill you so don't move". He shot me and I shot him back and afterwards everything went black and that's because of the bullets.

Marek's p.o.v.

I heard a gun fire and I ran as fast as I can inside. I saw Justin's lifeless body on the ground and sheyla's body also. I called the ambulance and they came 20 minutes later. And when they came they took them both and I was afraid she wouldn't make it out alive.


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