Just friends


3. Face the music

Bianca's POV:

I really do have to go to school dont I, I wish I didn't after spending all weekend with Chris I don't want it to end I get up out of chirs's bed and get dressed for school then my sister Gabriella calls me 

"Hey where are you mums looking for you?"

"Hey I'm with Chris,"

"Ohh okay I'll tell mum and can I ask you something?"


"Are you dating him?"


"Are you Bianca?"

"No we're just friends,"

"Okay I have to go,"



I turn around and Chris is still asleep so I go down stairs and go to school by myself then when I get there I hear Dean

"Hey where's your boyfriend?"


"Chris dummy,"

"Leave her alone," I turn and see Chris behind me 

"Miss me," He whispers to me


"Tell us Are you two dating?"

"Why the fuck do you care?"

"I don't but She does," He points to my best friend Mikahlia 




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