The storm

This story is an AU and it has some of my own characters from my own story I will publish soon.


1. Chapter one


After an amazing year so far, it was time for winter break. Time for Christmas and happy feelings all around. But not for Raven Knight, a hard working student who gets no recognition. Her father sent her to collage just to get her out. But despite the hate, she loved this time of year. No one would be in the building, and she could study as much as she wanted to. This year was different. Her roommate is in kind of the same situation. Now, this collage screwed up by putting a guy and a girl together, but luckily they made peace with it, and became best friend. They even made a vow never to date each other no matter what. ((But don't worry, they WILL NEVER BE TOGETHER! You'll see why..)) His name is Castiel. A complete nerd who is very shy. In high school, he realized something that would make his strict parents angry and send him off. He was gay. ((See children, I got something amazing planned!)) 

They both can't leave to spend time with their families because they are both unwanted by them. But they are glad to spend it with each other and their best friends. Even if they only had two friends, they were still friends. One of their friends was Sam Winchester. His brother writes to him everyday, which Raven thinks is adorable. Sam told everyone that his brother is coming up, so he will be staying. Their other friend is Viel  Valentine. Raven has known him for a long time, ever since middle school. His sister, Fly, and Ravens brother, Hawk, have had an on and off relationship. Raven and Viel sit back and laugh at them, even though Raven has always liked him. Cas teases her when Viel comes to visit, but Viel never seems to figure it out, and Raven is always glad. 

Today was the day Sam's brother was coming, and Raven was out with Viel for blankets and more food to store away in the mini fridge, in case the storm that everyone is talking about comes.

"It isn't going to come."

"Yes it is Sam, Viel and I are getting prepared." Raven said and went outside to go to get prepared.

"They really need help, don't they?" Cas laughed. "So, when is your brother getting here?" Sam smiled a little.

"Why are you so eager?"

"I just want to meet him, he sounds nice." Sam just laughed a little.

"Sure Cas, that's what it is." 

"Just because I like guys doesn't mean I like all guys Sam." Cas said, glaring at Sam. He hated when Sam teased him like this. He just wanted to meet his brother, so what was so bad? 


When Raven and Viel arrived at the store, Raven moved quickly to the blanket section. Viel just moseyed along and looked around. Raven took the warmest looking blankets and found Viel.

"Are these good enough?" She asked as she tried to hold them all. Viel smiled.

"Yes, that is good enough. Here, let me carry them." He said as he took the huge mound of blankets. Raven ran away quickly to grab coats and hats and other warm things as Viel just stood there. She went to get Ramen and Cup noodles, as well as other foods. Viel walked to the check-out and began to pay as Raven ran towards him and almost fell. Viel saw her and laughed a little, and Raven felt embarrassed. She walked up to him and smiled, trying to play it off. 

When they got back, they put stuff away and left again, but this time they forced Cas and Sam to come to. 

"Why do we have to go? It's not like the storm is going to come here anyway." Sam muttered and he looked out of the window.

"So we can all chip in for a heater." Raven said with a smile. She was driving and Viel was sitting next to her. Meanwhile Cas and Sam sat in the back. Sam behind Raven and Cas behind Viel.

"Ugh." Sam sighed and said no more.

"It's nice we get to spend our Christmas together this year, but I am not a good person to get gifts for someone." Raven muttered the last part. She didn't want anyone to hear, but at the same time she did. She wanted someone to tell her something different, but it seemed like no one heard, just like what her other side wanted.

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