A soft heart in a harsh world - digtsamling

This is a mix of some of the poems I have written from my early teenage years up until now (I'm 21). I wrote the poems because I didn't know any better way to express my feelings. I publish them now because I think people (including myself) need to talk more about those kind of feelings so they don't bottle up inside the way mine did. I hope you like or can relate to some of the poems :)


18. Confused love with codependency


You aren’t the guy I fell in love with,

I don’t think you ever were,

all the memories are crystal clear,

but it’s also all a big blur,

you had a smile like an angel,

but ironically dragged me straight into hell,

and I kept losing bits of me until,

I was nothing but an empty shell,

with you I felt so lonely,

that I was afraid of going mad,

and my self-esteem became smaller,

with each explosive argument that we had,

I thought that what we had found,

was what love was supposed to be,

but I learned it the hard way,

that I confused love with codependency,

and even though I’m over you

I sometimes still feel the pain,

because you’ve given me some memories,

that I’m not sure even time can erase. 

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