A soft heart in a harsh world - digtsamling

This is a mix of some of the poems I have written from my early teenage years up until now (I'm 21). I wrote the poems because I didn't know any better way to express my feelings. I publish them now because I think people (including myself) need to talk more about those kind of feelings so they don't bottle up inside the way mine did. I hope you like or can relate to some of the poems :)


16. A silence devastatingly loud


I’d rather be lonely all my life because I have no friends,

Than be lonely because none of my friends seems to care,

Maybe I’m asking for too much,

But I feel like I’m not asking for enough,

Give me love,

Give me trust,

Give me truth,

Give me you,

Give me friendship with an intention to care for it to last,

Someone needs to prove that I can trust regardless of the past,

Everything I gave,

I thought they’d keep it safe,

But when it was their turn to reach out,

Their silence was devastatingly loud,

I thought I had a place in their hearts,

But it only took distance to split us apart,

While I used my time longing to reunite,

They used their time erasing me from their minds. 


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