Doing It Right

After dying at the hands of the muggles Harry vowed to revenge and revenge is easy to accomplish when one is favoured by Death


8. Chapter 8

It wasn't long until Harry was slipping into Voldemort's office where the man was bent over his desk working on something, with a smirk Harry snuck over and leaned over the tall form 

"Whacha doin?" Harry asked making the man jump in fright spinning and pointing his wand at Harry an instinctual reaction on his part 

"Fuck, shouldn't you be at a ball brat?" Voldemort asked putting his wand down 

"Well yeah but it got so boring there is only so much dancing that I can handle. I was gonna talk to Severus but my Godfather's stole him away not long after I started a conversation" Harry said with a pout making Voldemort snicker 

"So why are you here then?" Voldemort asked making Harry smirk darkly intriuging Voldemort 

"Well I was coming to see if you would fancy going and doing some muggle hunting you know relieve some stress maybe just torture for the fun of it. But if your busy I mean I can go on my own" Harry said going to walk away only for his bicep to be grabbed by Voldemort 

"Now you can't give me an offer like that and expect me to reject it. Let's go" Voldemort said grinning just as darkly as Harry who apperated them from the office and to a small town in Alaska Voldemort looked around curiously wondering where they were but followed the teen who seemed to know where he was going they walked into a bar where Harry with a confident smirk ordered them both a drink which was served to him with no fuss Voldemort let Harry push him into a seat in a booth before shooting the teen a confused look

"Why are we here?" Voldemort asked Harry snickered 

"A bar one of the best places to pick up a victim all the scum come here as well as politicians that want to let loose without the press finding out as it is one of the regulars here is a squib that decided that he would reveal our world to the muggles" Harry explained 

"How do you know this?" Voldemort asked curiously Harry gave the man a sidelong glance taking a sip of his drink before he launched into the explanation 

"I have actually lived my life once before its why I know so much about you plus other things, anyway I defeated you the first time when I was seventeen you were insane due to the horcruxes you had made I died for the first time then as the Master of the Three Deathly Hallows, I became an Auror soon after and married Ginny Weasley who had been dosing me with love potions and had three children when I turned forty the magic world was exposed by some squib politicians the one we are here for initiated the idea. The first magical to be killed was my little girl Lily she was pregnant at the time and I had basically lost a grandchild as well after that war broke out. I was the last magical alive when I was 200 and finally died in a cave at the age of 230 the world was dying what was left of magic latched onto me as I died. When I died I was greeted by Death who called me master and gave me three options I chose to come back to this year to change the future of the world as best I could and knew you would be the best person to help me of course Death didn't leave me defenceless no he gave me the abilities of a dementor, he also made me a necromancer. I want the muggles to pay but I also want the magical world to progress from the middle ages" Harry explained to the stunned Dark Lord

"Incredible I am sorry that you lost your children when they were so young though but I am sure you will be able to have more" Voldemort said and Harry could hear that the man was being genuine in what he said

"I doubt it I don't like women that way" Harry said Voldemort shot him a confused look

"You don't know?" Voldemort asked

"Know what?" Harry questioned and the man smirked

"That wizards can have children it's why same sex couples are so accepted in our world" Voldemort said slyly and Harry choked on his drink and looked at the man wide eyed

"You're kidding me, you can't be serious" Harry spluttered

"Oh I am very serious Harry I helped an old friend through the birth of his and his husbands baby" Voldemort said

"Well this changes things I think. These sorts of things really should be taught at Hogwarts, hmm maybe we should create primary schools usually things like that are taught there so the kids are aware of the changes they will go through during High School" Harry mused Voldemort looked at him

"That is a really good idea, orphanages as well for muggleborn and halfblood children that live in the muggle world that have been abused" Voldemort said

"Yes it would be a good idea goodness knows I would have rather been in an orphanage than with the muggles I was left with. Oh look at the bar third seat to the left of us and you will see our target" Harry said and Voldemort looked up and sneered

"What a disgusing looking man almost as bad as wormtail" Voldemort said lip curled in disgust Harry laughed at the comparison the man wasn't wrong

"Now what was that about the muggle's you were left with?" Voldemort asked Harry startled slightly

"Oh its nothing to worry about i have no need to go back" Harry said watching their target leave the bar Harry and a suspicious Voldemort followed two minutes later no need to cause suspicion, Voldemort and Harry grabbed the man while Harry apperated to the cave he had died in to his surprise it was the same as he left it Death obviously knew the place was special to Harry, everything he had to leave behind when he was dead was there

"Where are we?" Voldemort asked

"Welcome to the place I died these are all my things Death the sweetheart left me a present" Harry cooed and Voldemort was a little creeped out by the teen calling Death a sweetheart the politician by this point was freaking out

"Let him go he won't be able to find the exit that is for my eyes only and those I trust. Samuel McClean this is the day you die and trust me Death will not be a mercy for you. Do you know who we are?" Harry asked and the man trembled

"You're Harry Potter" Samuel stuttered out and Harry grinned viciously

"And this is the the Dark Lord Voldemort" Harry said and the two watched with vindictive glee as the man paled drastically before he fled just going deeper into the mountain, Harry had changed the entirety of the inside of the mountain this room was only the apperation point of the home he had made, of course the mountain had numerous treasures and minerals in it which he found as he mined they were stored under the mountain in a large vault only he could access

"This place is amazing how big is it?" Voldemort asked as they stalked after Samuel

"It takes up the entire mountain it was the only place the muggles wouldn't have thought to look so it was safe I made it my home. Death seems to have replicated it and placed all of my belongings inside which is good some of the things I could invent early and become richer in both worlds it will be a subtle take over of the muggle world" Harry explained and Voldemort grinned

"I'll leave you to that then you have the muggle world and creature world while I have the magical world" Voldemort said

"Sounds wonderful Voldemort" Harry said casting a curse at a pile of clothes Samuel was hiding under the man screamed as the curse hit feeling like his body was burning from the inside out which proved to be correct as his skin began to blacken

"I think you can call me Tom, Harry. What was that curse I have never heard of it?" Tom asked 

"Oh the spell is adolebitque which translates to burn. It burns the victim from the inside out I created it not long after the war between muggles and magicals began" Harry explained 

"Wonderful I don't doubt you have many more spells and other things up your sleeves" Tom said with a delighted laugh 

"You would be correct" Harry replied. They were there for an hour before they finally killed Samuel and returned to Riddle Manor Harry bid Tom goodnight before he returned to Hogwarts and into his room in his godfathers quarters, he had been staying with them, he paused seeing three robes hanging rather than two and grinned they got their potions master then good for them Harry thought as he wondered into his own room casting silencing charms so he wouldn't accidentally hear anything he didn't need to hear.

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