Doing It Right

After dying at the hands of the muggles Harry vowed to revenge and revenge is easy to accomplish when one is favoured by Death


6. Chapter 6

Harry walked into the Dark Lords Manor with a wide grin skipping along in his pyjamas, he made his way to the library where Barty was giving his report on the task both looked around when Harry entered the room, Voldemort whipped out his wand and cast the killing curse watching in shock as the curse was absorbed by the boy and he remained very much alive

"What the fuck?" Voldemort and Barty questioned incredulously and Harry snorted and let out a giggle

"Good Merlin your faces" Harry snickered and Voldemort glared

"Why are you here and what in Merlins dirty y-fronts are you?" Voldemort asked

"Well firstly eww I didn't need that picture, second what I am is a secret and third I just happen to know you had me entered into the tournament so you could use me in a ritual to get your body back, I also know that it will rid you of your sanity" Harry said and plopped down into a seat in front of the dark lord well aware of Barty's horrified look

"Barty leave us" Voldemort said and Barty bowed and left while Voldemort stared at Harry narrow eyed

"How do you know about the ritual?" Voldemort asked and Harry smirked

"I know a lot of things like your horcruxes their locations, your true name, where the chamber of secrets is. The ritual however I can get you a body without the ritual and it will give you both your looks and sanity, however only one Horcrux will remain the one in me but I suppose that's a plus for you" Harry said

"Your a Horcrux?" Voldemort asked incredulous and Harry nodded and tapped his scar standing to walk over to Voldemort so the man could confirm Harry's words as he spoke

"You left it the night you tried to kill me" Harry said

"Why do you mean it is a plus for me?" Voldemort asked curiously after verifying the boys claims

"Well as you saw I can't actually die and I will stop ageing completely at seventeen" Harry said grinning madly at the pure stunned look Voldemort gave him

"Why help me?" Voldemort asked and Harry sighed and flopped back into the chair somehow making it look graceful

"Well I don't like muggles in fact I hate them with a fiery and burning passion they are vile creatures so I thought well why not help out the resident Dark Lord in his dastardly plans to rule the planet" Harry said with an easy going grin Voldemort felt his eye twitch this boy had a death wish shame it could not be fulfilled

"I thought you loved muggles" Voldemort stated with a sneer surprised when Harry snarled

"Oh I was just excellent at hiding it anyone would hate them if they knew exactly what they were capable of plus I did grow up with abusive assholes why do you think I am so small when my parents were both above average in height" Harry said angrily

"How exactly can you help me?" Voldemort asked more intrigued now after hearing that come from the brat

"Well I will become Chief Warlock of the Wizenmagot after I take my OWLs, I can get you a body back tonight, I have foolproof ways to stop the muggles from finding out about our existence. I can also get you the alliance of every creature giving the Dark Faction a bigger advantage in the war that is sure to break out despite the fact it will not last long" Harry explained

"And how would the body and creatures be possible?" Voldemort

"I am a full Elemental with full control of my abilities, I also happen to be the Creature Lord" Harry shrugged and Voldemort felt himself go slack jawed the power elementals held was beyond belief there was a reason the Ministry feared them so much, he had never expected the boy to be the Creature Lord either

"And what would you expect from me?" Voldemort asked curiously leaning forward

"Hm... Not much equality I will not bow to any man or woman, I want you to take my points into consideration, my own followers and maybe leadership over the Death Eaters" Harry said with a shrug Voldemort was silent for a few minutes contemplating before he started to nod

"Yes I can do that but you will lead beside me meaning you have full control of my death eaters and can punish them if you wish however only you will need to deal with your followers and the creatures obviously" Voldemort said Harry was a little shocked as he had not expected that from the Dark Lord

"So any preferences on age and looks for your new body?" Harry asked and Voldemort looked a bit excited at the fact he could pick out how he looked

"I want to be 18 years old and at least 6ft tall, muscled lightly, lightly tanned skin, my facial features from when I was twenty I'm sure you probably know what I looked like then, my eyes can remain the same oh and shoulder length sliver and black hair" Voldemort said Harry chuckled a bit at the odd hair request but shrugged and stood moving his arms out to the side calling upon the life element and watching as an embryo was created and began to get larger, when the body was around five Voldemort felt his soul being ripped from his current body and placed into the new one.

It took twenty minutes before the body was to Voldemort's liking and the man was completely naked Harry wasn't bothered he had seen a number of naked bodies in his years he wasn't a shy little boy any more, it seemed Voldemort didn't care either as he just conjured a mirror to examine himself

"Well I must say I am impressed, how is my hair doing that it's like water rippling yet not actually moving?" Voldemort asked fascinated

"Well silver and black is quite boring when it's just clumps of colour so I decided to make it so that it shifted from each when the light hit it in certain ways" Harry shrugged

"It's nice thank you for this, I hated that previous body" Voldemort said sneering at the pile of ashes Harry snickered and conjured a set of blood red robes onto the man that brought out his eyes smirking in satisfaction

"So I think I will go or Sirius and Remus will begin to worry" Harry said standing

"What do they think of this?" Voldemort asked curiously

"Oh they support me I reckon they will be my first followers if they have any say, my parents to support me no matter what I do" Harry said

"That's good to hear, do tell Barty to return when you pass him" Voldemort said Harry mock saluted and left telling Barty to go back before shadow travelling to Sirius and Remus quarters and settling back into bed falling asleep instantly his dragon curling up beside him.

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