Doing It Right

After dying at the hands of the muggles Harry vowed to revenge and revenge is easy to accomplish when one is favoured by Death


5. Chapter 5

The next two weeks flew by and while the other champions were nervous for the task Harry wasn't he would just speak to the Dragon and ask her to bring him the egg. Sirius and Remus were staying in the castle and obviously pulling pranks with the twins and Harry himself, mostly on the traitors.

Right now Harry was on his way to the champions tent whistling a jolly tune which seemed to put the other champions off due to the joyful nature having expected Harry to be the most nervous of the group what with being the youngest of them all.

Harry once again pulled the Hungarian Horntail from the bag and was going last he talked to the small dragon as he waited for his turn the small thing was quite cute in Harrys personal opinion and decided he would keep it this time and to his shock a familiar bond snapped into place as soon as he said this which then had the small dragon grow to the size of a pitbull and jump around him excitedly Harry grinned and picked the small dragon up and hugged it tightly making the dragon lick his face while the other two still in the tent watched incredulously.

Soon enough it was Harry's turn and he walked out into the stadium with his small dragon on his shoulders he walked calmly to the nesting mother and bowed

~Fair Lady I come baring no harm to your or your nest I wish to remove an egg that is not a true egg but a clue to my next task~ Harry hissed in parseltongue well aware that the stadium had called silent

~there is an imposter which is it little hatchling and I shall retrieve it for you~ the nesting dragon said

~It is gold and shines bright in the light~ Harry said and the dragon turned to her nest and lifted the egg and placed it Harry's hand

"I sense the fire within you young one and am honoured to call you dragon kin, you will never be harmed by any dragon of any species~ the dragon said before a burst of the dragons own magic settled around Harry

~My lady it is I that is honoured to call the dragons my kin~ Harry said before bowing and walking of with both the quickest time and no injury the stands erupted into cheers. All the judges except Dumbledore gave him full marks

"That was amazing pup" Sirius said proudly as Harry grinned

"What was that after she gave you the egg?" Remus asked

"Oh she named me Dragon kin" Harry said with a shrug

"Pup you really can't do anything normally now can you?" Sirius asked with a barking laugh and Harry nodded in agreement but followed behind the men as they headed to their quarters in the castle they stayed up till late in the night celebrating and Harry decided to remain in Sirius quarters for the night while he rested Harry was sucked into Voldemort's mind by the man unconsciously and he grinned before forcing himself to wake. He had a dark lord to visit and possibly torment. What he never did say he was fully sane, plus it's not like he could die the killing curse would either bounce of him or he could absorb it depends on his mood. He walked out of his room still in his pyjamas he told Sirius and Remus who just shooed him on before shadow travelling to just outside Riddle Manor

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