Doing It Right

After dying at the hands of the muggles Harry vowed to revenge and revenge is easy to accomplish when one is favoured by Death


4. Chapter 4

Harry was currently following Colin Creevy to the weighing of the wands ceremony having just been summoned from potions, Snape wasn't as hard on him this time since they were actually getting along

"Are you nervous Harry?" Colin asked looking up at him

"Not overly so" Harry said with a smile he was more busy wishing Sirius luck in his trial today which he had to get as Dumbledore wouldn't do anything, Fudge of course didn't want to be on his bad side not with the lordships he held anyway.

Colin left as soon as they reached the classroom being used the other champions have him the stink eye but Harry just ignored them the whole school bar a few were once again against Harry despite his vow but Harry couldn't care less he was over 230 years old he didn't need them to like him

"Ah the fourth champion, good afternoon Lord Potter" Bagman said

"Sir" Harry said bowing his head in respect the other champions gaped slightly

"Well if we are all here shall we get started?" Dumbledore asked as he brought Ollivander into the room, Fleur went first followed by Krum then Cedric like last time, when Ollivander looked to him Harry walked over and produced his staff the the wand maker who stared at it in shock

"What happened to the wand you had?" Ollivander asked

"It stopped working for me during the summer I had to make a new conductor myself" Harry said and Garrick's eyebrows rose

"This is spectacular craftsmanship might I ask what you have used?" Ollivander asked and Harry nodded

"It is a mix of woods and cores, the woods being yew, elder, acacia, beech and Ebony. The cores are basilisk fang, pheonix tears, billywig stingers and boomslang venom, the gem is a fire opal" Harry said and Ollivander gaped

"That is a very powerful staff you have Mr Potter I trust it works well for you?" Ollivander asked knowing he would be unable to cast a spell with the the staff due to some of the woods used Harry nodded before he shrunk it and placed it in his pocket

"Wonderful, well that is me done" Ollivander said before stepping back to allow Dumbledore speak

"Remember the first task is in two weeks time so be prepared, now off you go lunch is about to be served" the coot said with a mad grin Harry rolled his eyes before stepping out of the room gladly avoiding Rita this time around. Harry squeaked when he felt himself being lifted from the ground and spun around

"Harrykins" came George's voice Harry laughed

"Hello George what can I do for you?" Harry asked

"We were wondering just out of curiosity why your ignoring ickle ronnikins" Fred said and Harry looked both in the eyes

"I think this is a conversation best conducted in private follow me boys" Harry said and turned before beginning to make his way to the entrance to the chamber of secrets.

The twins followed their friend confused as to where they were going, they had only asked because Ron had come complaining that Harry was ignoring him, Ginny and Hermione but with the way Harry was acting it seemed to be very important, their confusion only grew when Harry walked into the second floor girls bathroom but with a shrug followed only to find Harry hissing to the skins, they couldn't help their reactions to the sound of the sibilant language and felt their bodies heating, Harry looked back at the twins and saw a strange look in their faces before it was replaced with shock

"This dear Devils is the entrance to the Chamber of Secrets" Harry said with a grin before he called for stairs and began to descending them followed closely by the twins who were looking around in shock

As Harry got closer to the ground he began to send powerful cleaning spells down so they wouldn't be walking on bones or dead animals, he cleared the cave in caused by Ron and Lockhart continuing on and placing torches periodically on the walls he even shrunk the basilisk skin as a gift for Snape

"Are we their yet?" Fred whined and Harry laughed

"Yes just one second so I can open the door" Harry said and hissed open to the stone door which began to open they all climbed down into the main chamber where Harry battled the basilisk which was perfectly preserved much to Harry's shock

"Harry what is that?" Both twins questioned at the same time pointing to the basilisk

"The basilisk I killed to save Ginny" Harry said levitating it so it was not covered three quarters by water

"You killed that when you were twelve" George choked and Harry nodded

"Whys it missing a fang?" Fred asked suddenly and Harry chuckled sheepishly rubbing the back of his head

"Cause it broke of in my arm" Harry said hesitantly making the twins spin round to face him wide eyed

"Where?" Both asked and Harry rolled up his sleeve to show the wide scar flipping his arm so they could see where it came out

"It went the whole way through" George said shocked

"Yeah, I could've died of Fawkes hadn't have been there and cried on the wound but Ginny would have gotten out safe" Harry said

"You almost died saving our sister" Fred said shocked and Harry nodded

"Yep then she repays me by stealing from me and feeding me love potions, when I don't even like girls" Harry said

"What?" The twins questioned so Harry told the twins everything their father, mother and youngest siblings were doing adding on what Dumbledore and Hermione were also doing by the end the twins were horrified and angry well angry is a mild word for the rage they were feeling at least Harry knew he could trust them. They made their way up to the main school in time for dinner and Harry was too busy talking with the twins that he didn't see two people that should not be in the hall well until they drew attention to themselves

"Pup" the voices of Remus and Sirius called Harry whirled around and grinned before racing and jumping into the two men's arms

"Sirius, Remus" Harry crowed with a huge grin which the two men returned

"Well pup I'm free at last and have you to thank for it" Sirius said happily

"Well mum and dad did give Dumbledore a chance but he obviously did not take the chance and ignored them, I didn't want my godfather on run so I demanded a trial" Harry said with an impish smile making there two men laugh as they made their way to the Gryffindor table sitting down with Fred and George

"I take the Wizenmagot didn't particularly want to be on your bad side" Sirius said Harry chuckled

"Course not especially when I will be Chief Warlock after my OWLs" Harry said

"How?" Fred asked curious

"Oh well due to my power, wealth and titles Dumbledore only held the position as he was illegally using the Potter and Black seats so now I hold the majority of titles I get to be top man" Harry grinned and they all fell into boisterous laughter Sirius and Remus were aware that Harry practically had the Dark winning the war and Voldemort hadn't even been resurrected yet.

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