Doing It Right

After dying at the hands of the muggles Harry vowed to revenge and revenge is easy to accomplish when one is favoured by Death


3. Chapter 3

September 1st saw Harry on his way to Kings Cross for his fourth year of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, he was dressed in a muggle suit his hair braided neatly and Hedwig on his shoulder, he bid farewell to Sirius, Remus and his ancestors before flooing to the platform. Since it was early he managed to get an empty compartment and warded it against intruders so that he could spend the ride to school in silence. He knew that his so called friends would be angry at him but he did not care they were traitors in his eyes and he did not associate with traitors.

The train pulled up at Hogsmead station at six pm on the dot as per usual and Harry stepped into a carriage petting a thestral as he did so, his uniform made of the finest material and his Lord rings invisible for the moment, he had a staff by his side turns out after his power boost his holly and Phoenix wand would no longer conduct for him so he made his own which ended up as a staff, mind you he didn't use it often which was why he was shrinking it and placing it into his pocket.

When the carriage entered the wards of the school Harry felt the wards settle on him giving him control he began to push magic into them to return them to their original state before Dumbledore had started messing with them, he got a feeling of thanks from the Castle which made him smile.

Harry sat alone at the Gryffindor table noticing that his so called friends were looking for him he withheld a snicker of amusement. The sorting flew by before Dumbledore was giving the announcement about the tournament that had the school in a tizzy, that was all that was spoken about during the meal

"Harrykins that you?" Fred crowed from a few spots up causing a few to look including the traitors Harry smiled

"Yeah Fred, how've you been?" Harry asked it was slightly surreal seeing Fred who had died when Harry was seventeen the last time

"Been good, you look good and finally got some decent clothes I see" Fred teased and Harry stuck his tongue out making Fred burst into laughter. Harry spent dinner talking with the twins who he had missed dearly.

The first month of school passed quickly the other schools were the same as the last time Harry had been completely ignoring Hermione, Ron and Ginny even ignoring Dumbledore who had been trying to get Harry alone. Today was the day the Champions were being selected so everyone was in the hall well except Harry who was in his dorm talking to his parents ghosts as it was the anniversary of their death, he jumped nearly a foot in the air when the portrait slammed open and Dumbledore, foreign champions and headteachers and the ministry officials flooded in he shared bemused looks with his parents

"Harry did you put your name in the Goblet of Fire?" Dumbledore roared as the Gryffindors began to enter the room

"No why?" Harry asked

"He is obviously lying" Ron sneered Harry sighed and stood summoning his staff

"I swear on my magic that I did not ask anyone nor add my name to the goblet of fire so I swore it so more it be" Harry bowed before casting a lumos to prove his sincerity

"Now that is sorted can you leave me be I am trying to pay respects to my dead parents" Harry said gesturing to the ghosts who smirked when everyone let out surprised noises but Lily floated up to Dumbledore and glared

"You old man had better get Sirius a trial, you know fine rightly that Peter was the secret keeper yet let our Padfoot rot in Azkaban do it within the week or Lord Potter will be" Lily said before floating back to Harry and kissing his cheek

"Love you sweetheart see you soon" Lily said

"Bye mum" Harry said with a grin, James came over and hugged his son

"Cause some mischief prongslet" James said and Harry saluted

"Sir yes sir, Prongs sir" Harry said before snickering James rolled his eyes before he and Lily disappeared and Harry headed to his dorm room to get some sleep only the twins followed him and pounced on him from behind

"So Prongs, Padfoot. You knew who the Mauraders are and didn't even think to tell us?" They asked pouting Harry giggled

"Sorry guys if it's any consolation I can introduce you to two at Christmas" Harry said and they nodded frantically

"Duh" George said and they just lay together in Harry's bed eventually falling asleep with the heat of their bodies.

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